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First, we suggest you decide on a topic for your human trafficking essay. Skip to the next section to find a list of ten excellent suggestions with student-submitted samples linked.

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Noteworthy Human Trafficking Essay Topics

After you get your professor's instructions for an essay on human trafficking, you need to start thinking of a good topic to cover. Considering how delicate and complex the issue is, you want a topic that's relevant, narrow, and researchable. You can use a newsfeed to get inspired, but browsing our collection of human trafficking essay topics will likely produce a usable result much faster.

Check out the top 10 ideas that unerringly draw students' attention and consider if one of them fits your assignment:

  1. Human trafficking issues in Latin American and African countries
  2. Analysis of human trafficking issues in Thailand
  3. Criminal victimization welfare and policy related to human trafficking and sexual exploitation
  4. The effects of globalization on human trafficking
  5. The definition of human trafficking and its significant aspects
  6. White collar crimes and human trafficking in Southern Utah
  7. Literature review on human and sex trafficking issues
  8. Human trafficking of women in Nigeria
  9. United Nations response to human trafficking in India
  10. Analyzing the causes of child trafficking and possible prevention methods

Remember that these are helpful suggestions you can alter as you see fit. You can even combine two or three topics into one if you need an idea for a research paper rather than an essay.



What Is Human Trafficking?

Physical or psychological coercion and sexual exploitation characterize human trafficking. It's a crime recognized globally, as it robs the victims of their human rights, including freedom of movement and personal security. Human trafficking can be local or international. It can take many forms, from forced marriage and commercial sexual exploitation to organ harvesting and surrogacy. Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery that is gaining volume along with the increase in the global population and crime rate. The market has exceeded $99 billion annually and will likely continue to grow as long as there's demand for free labor.

How to Stop Human Trafficking?

There is no definitive answer to this question, and you're unlikely to uncover one in your essay about human trafficking. Otherwise, it would no longer be an issue. Still, on international and national levels, authorities do their best to prevent modern slavery through awareness programs and to prosecute the culprits responsible. On a personal level, everyone can learn more about the current state of the issue through news and official reports. Raising awareness through local rallies or social media is also a good idea, as well as introducing the subject into a school program. Finally, using the national human trafficking hotline is a must if you come across a trafficking victim.

Where Is Human Trafficking Most Common?

trafficking is most common in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America, while most victims end up in the US and Western Europe. As you research for your human trafficking essay, you'll learn that most human trafficking victims come either from third-world countries or autocratic regimes where law enforcement is lacking and life quality is low.

Why Is Human Trafficking a Problem?

Replace human trafficking with slavery, and you'll see how it's the most shameful crime that robs millions of people of their freedom, dignity, and rights. While young women are the most common victims of traffickers, in African countries, children make up the majority of victims. They are forced into hard labor, sexual slavery, or criminal organizations and often do not reach maturity. Organized crime profiting from human trafficking is a related problem. As selling human beings funds arms and drug operations, the rates of other violent crimes increase globally.

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