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Minister's Black Veil

Nathaniel Hawthornes Minister's Black Veil is one of the most iconic stories that is still very influential today having been written several years ago. The book was published in 1836 as a short story in The Token and Atlantic Souvenir, which was ...
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2017-08-18 15:12:36

Discuss the Nigerian Taboos from a Comparative Perspective

If there were one word that would describe the nature of culture, then it would be diversity. The world is full of diverse cultures each based on geographical location, religion, education, social beliefs and lifestyles. The good book advises us t...
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2017-08-26 19:38:01

Soul Concept in Nigerian Funerals

Nigerian culture believes in the immortal and spiritual nature of the human soul. With regards to the belief, different Nigerian cultures perform a variety of customs relating to their cultures so as to appease the dead during the burial and funer...
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2017-08-27 09:18:28

Attending a church service

Many Christians love attending a church service and love listening to the priests who are so dedicated while carrying out their rituals with care and passion. Rarely were they forced to engage in worship as it is the case with other religion. Peop...
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2017-08-28 08:23:04

THEOLOGY: Racial and Gender Bias, critical Conscious and Determined Women

Racial and gender bias are critical issues that need to be examined closely so that their root causes can be established. Black Americans suffer most when it comes to racial bias. This is because of some factors, the economic factor being the majo...
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2017-09-01 08:47:59

The Sparrow Book

In the book, Russell has used evil tools to create distinction between those in authority and those who are subject to the leaders. Russell in her work quotes that: The sparrow still falls (Page 7) because of the evils were done. Mary used the quo...
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2017-09-02 06:56:15


Jonathan Edward was a preacher, theologian and philosopher who tried to transform the lives of people into better being. He provides some notable recipes for one to follow in order to better themselves in terms of religious and societal mutuality....
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2017-09-16 22:16:21

Michelangelos Last Judgment

Last Judgment by Michelangelo depicts how the Christ would decide the fate of humanity. The last judgment is also an interpretation of harrowing, whereby the Christ leads others to hell and others to heaven. Michelangelo makes a work of art, whic...
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2017-10-09 10:10:13

Faith as a State of being Ultimately Concerned

As a religious philosopher of the Christian religion, Paul Tillich happens to be one of the greatest minds in the twentieth century. His thoughts and theological analysis of Christianity is not merely an exaggeration but are logics that makes cont...
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2017-10-26 09:27:31

Letter from Luther to Anyone During The Reformation

I hereby write this letter to express my deepest concerns over the abuse of religion exhibited by the Catholic Church over the ages. The Catholic Church is a global movement and it has led numerous amounts of people toward the wrong direction. The...
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2017-10-31 10:05:09