Essay Example on Human Trafficking in Latin America and Africa

Published: 2022-07-07
Essay Example on Human Trafficking in Latin America and Africa
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Human Trafficking in Latin America

'Not for Sale Latin sex in America', 'The Dark Side of Costa Rica Tourism' and 'The Sick Men traveling to Brazil for sex with Children' are YouTube documentary videos that focus on the sex trafficking and slavery that occurs in different regions such as Peru, Brazil, and Costa Rica. Young girls who are mostly aged between 11 years old to 17 years old are the main victims of the sex trafficking and slavery (Elson, 2010). Men in these countries, as well as tourists, are responsible for luring the young girls to take part in sex the exchange for money and better lives (Journeyman Pictures, 2010). It is unfortunate that most of the victims come from low-income backgrounds and parents lack the ability to educate them or offer them better lives. As a result, some end up on the streets where they take part in prostitution to earn a living (SISGI Group- Institute for Social Change, 2011). On the other hand, there are those girls who are trafficked by been promised good lives and marriage and end up accepting the offers. However, they receive financial support for a few months and the men leave them or force them into drug trafficking and prostitution to earn money.

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Parents have contributed to the human trafficking cases in Latin America. Most of the families are poor and end up having many children. As a result, they are unable to offer them basic needs hence making the children end up in streets to seek for help. In the streets, the children are sexually harassed by men and some end up being trafficked. Some also sold to enable their families to to acquire money while others are encouraged by their parents to take part in prostitution for money. As one of the presidents of the countries in Latin America, I would offer over 10-year jail terms to any parents who sell their children, allow them into the streets or those who allow their children to take part in prostitution. If parents acquire harsh prosecution and imprisonment terms, they can be reluctant to expose their children and especially daughters to human trafficking.

African Thread

Human trafficking is not only happening in Latin America but also in Africa. 'Selling South Africa's Innocence', 'The Chocolate Industry-Human Trafficking in Africa' and 'African Children Trafficked to UK for Blood Rituals' are documentary videos showing how African children from South Africa, Uganda and cocoa producing countries such as Ghana are being trafficked. The children are lured into well-paying jobs as they come from humble backgrounds and want to help their families (Todlovescheese, 2011). Some are convinced that they will receive flexible jobs that allow them to study as they work (JusticeActs SA, 2009). In the end, young people in Ghana end up in cocoa factories where they receive no salaries or benefits while South Africans are taken to other countries for prostitution. Some parents engage in the practice as they sell their children to have money for food and other basic needs. Ugandan children are at risk of being abducted for voodoo practices in UK and other countries (Sleeper2008, 2012). The traffickers mostly target children in children's homes however they also kidnap children from the villages.

As a president in a country where trafficking of young people is prevalent, I would fight for the rights of the victims and their families to act as a warning to anyone intending to carry out the vices. I would offer death sentences to all human traffickers and close any businesses as well as freeze bank accounts related to them. I would also ban all chocolate products from firms that practice child labor as they fail to practice fair trade where employees are offered good remuneration and benefits. I would also avoid consuming chocolate from these firms.


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