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Free Essays on Social Issues to Make Our World a Better Place

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need to write a social issue essay. Everyone would have equal rights and opportunities regardless of ethnicity, age, or gender. There would be no hunger and poverty caused by warfare and resulting in refugees fleeing their countries. But unfortunately, utopia still evades us, and social inequality and unrest are at an all-time high, further exacerbated by the current crop of controversies, including the pandemic response, school shootings, and abortion rights debate. So it’s high time you wrote an essay about a social issue of your choice. After all, it’s the most relevant of all topics because it concerns everyone.

With so many social issue essay ideas, starting your paper seems daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! With our free collection of social issue essay examples, you can breeze through this assignment. Start by skimming the essay titles; some are bound to tickle your inspiration. Then, browse the pieces that catch your eye and download any you can use for your writing.

You can also halve the research time if you mine the reference sections of our social issue essay samples for credible sources. It won’t take more than half an hour to scrounge up three to five solid references, which should be enough for most assignments. And outlining doesn’t have to take too long either, especially if you borrow a thesis statement, topic sentences, and final thoughts from a social issue essay example or two. 

That will only leave writing and editing, which should not take long. We recommend you take your time weeding out errors and typos from your social issue essay. After all, if you rely heavily on our samples, you may inadvertently transfer a few mistakes, as every example is a student submission, not a piece professionally crafted by SpeedyPaper experts.

Suppose your social issue essay submission deadline is right around the corner, and you’re still at a blank page stage. You could settle for a quick and dirty rewrite of a social issue essay example. You may get a passing grade if you’re careful enough with your paraphrasing. It’s still worlds better than submitting a sample with your name on the title page. That will raise red flags the instant your professor runs a plagiarism check. So you have to be smarter if you want to score high marks.

If you’re saddled with an essay on social issue, you’re probably interested in solving the plethora of problems our society faces. And you know college papers can’t prevent discrimination or global warming, but volunteer work and activism can. So instead of wasting time on useless schoolwork, follow your passion, and let SpeedyPaper academic experts deal with your assignments. Our writers can craft A-worthy papers on the hottest social issue essay topics and earn top grades for you. So reach out, and we’ll find a perfect solution for your writing troubles while you work on making our world a better place.


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You are already in the right place. Speedy Paper has compiled a huge library of the brightest examples of essay and other paper types to facilitate your writing. To make the navigation process easier for you, we have broken down the paper samples into categories and disciplines. Once you open the category, you’ll see the paper sample list that contains links to the essay and additional information.

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Every paper sample you see in our database is free and you can use it without any restrictions. It means that once you open a free essay sample, you won’t be asked to register or pay for a full version of the paper.

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Check free essays from our database to get valuable information on the topic, take a look at the problem from another angle, learn new ways to express the same idea, get to know new words or phrases for delivering the message, and get inspiration from a neatly written essay that has already brought good results.

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Speedy Paper also delivers custom paper writing services, which include a wide range of academic papers like essays, term papers, dissertations, projects, case studies, research papers, and more.

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Speedy Paper essay sample database includes more than 7,000 papers. We constantly add new examples, so it grows every day. We have essays samples on almost any discipline and cover all essay types.

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