Free Essay Sample on Causes of Modern Slavery

Published: 2023-01-16
Free Essay Sample on Causes of Modern Slavery
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Some people think that slavery ended a long time ago, which is not actually the case. People are still going through slavery because of some of the factors such as poverty. Due to the rise in the cost of living, some people do not have another choice other than to work for other people to cater for the needs of their families hence by doing this, they end up finding themselves in slavery, and they cannot get themselves out. Therefore, to end slavery completely, everyone has to be involved, including the government. The government should ensure that laws that protect its citizens are enforced. Every individual has a right to be given an opportunity to live a save life that is full of freedom.

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In respect to the ILO studies, currently about 21 million people have been enslaved, and most of those who have been exploited are in private economy. Although states have tried to impose laws that are against slavery, it is still being practiced, and most of those who are affected are girls and women who tend to work as domestic workers and prostitutes. Men also have been found to have been enslaved in areas such as agricultural sectors and industries (constructions, textiles). Modern slavery also has been caused by a high rate of corruption and crime. The private sector is the one that has played a key role in promoting slavery because new legislation and laws do restrict all state-imposed labor. Asian Pacific region, for instance, has agencies that recruit slaves, and this has been fostered by politicians who engage in corrupt practices and end up violating human rights. These countries, therefore, lack interest in ending slavery since they are making profits out of it.

Analyzing the social and economic factors that leads people into slavery. There are majorly five main causes: income shocks, gender, poverty, migration, and lack of education

Income shocks and poverty arises from the unequal distribution of resources and social mobility. (SenGupta 2009). In many developing countries, it is vice versa since a high level of poverty, and huge wealth is seen. The poor, in this case, are the ones who are taken advantage of since they don't have anything to cater to their needs. Therefore, the subjects are used by the rich since they normally lack otherwise, and thus, they are ready to work on unbearable conditions to meet their basic needs.

To understand genders as one of the causes of modern slavery, then there is a need to analyze the data. More than 50% of the people who have been enslaved in the world are girls and women who work as domestic workers or places such as brothels as prostitutes. Additionally, in some of the countries, women are less protected by the constitution, and hence, they become exposed to various forms of slavery. The issues of gender are also liked to migration. Migration might be caused by factors such as lawlessness or poverty. As they migrate, they end up finding themselves being made slaves by their subjects in places that they migrate to and those that are affected most are women and girls.

Lack of education is also another vice that does not only cause slavery, but it also linked to social mobility. The fact is that when illiterate people migrate, then upon reaching their destination, then there is a high possibility for them to be threatened with psychological and physical abuse that is associated with illiteracy. Therefore, there is a need to educate people if slavery is to be put to an end. The government also should spend its resources on fighting poverty.


Sengupta, G. (2009). From slavery to poverty: The racial origins of welfare in New York, 1840-1918. New York: New York University Press.

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