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Gravity Begins with Aristotle and Ends with Einstein

How can first relative be brought into peaceful co-existence with gravity? In 1907, Einstein had the happiest thought of my life5. This was the germ of the idea that enabled him to bring together special relativity and gravity. It was still a long...
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2017-09-17 09:36:53

Mars Curiosity

Gerndt asserts that NASAs exploration mission began in 1960s when the then President foresaw that the Americans would walk on the moon. Notable progresses were made at a latter stage when NASA unravelled the mission of reaching Mars in 2030s. Acco...
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2017-09-17 09:46:30

The Scientific Skeptic

Technically, in our daily life, we are mostly exposed to various claims which are pertaining to human psychology and human behavior. To some extent, some of these claims are scientifically valid while many of the claims are not valid and just fake...
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2017-09-28 15:54:04

Systems Theory and Approach

Communication is ever changing with the advancement of technology and can be defined in many ways depending on the context of information.
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2017-11-15 10:01:34

Dark Matter Essay

That the universe is expanding at an accelerating pace due to some unknown energy is not a new idea. The universe had much energy density.
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2017-11-27 08:52:45

Alternative Reproductive Modes of Atlantic Forest Frogs

Creatures of land and water, and particularly the anurans (forest frogs and amphibians), show a noteworthy variety of conceptive modes.
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2017-11-29 10:38:18

Genetically Modified Humans? No Thanks

The article points out how genetic modification in human embryos will be carried out by Lanner and the possible impacts on human health.
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2017-12-08 14:32:13


This refers to treating issues and themes that are scientific in scientific research and fields such as medical, physics and biological.
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2018-01-12 17:49:25

Ethical Theory Research

The ethical theory that I relate to most closely would be Aristotle's approach to ethics known as virtue ethics.
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2018-01-16 17:45:43

Utility of Mathematics

A clear explanation of the utility of mathematics gets witnessed in the entire paper. Its study can get applied to other fields.
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2018-01-25 06:59:58