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Literature reviews are among the most common college assignments for humanities, soft and hard science majors. It calls for extensive research of a given topic and a concise yet detailed overview of the issue. And both aspects of the assignment give college students trouble. On the one hand, finding relevant, credible, and unbiased sources is a challenge, and sorting through them can take weeks, even if you’re an expert. On the other hand, analysis and synthesis take longer, and for some reason, professors never appreciate your time and effort. Instead, they compare your work to a literature review sample by a professional academic and find yours wanting. 

Unfortunately, feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t help things. So instead of wallowing in misery, use your professor’s tricks against them. Use a good sample of literature review as a template, and in our collection, you’ll find plenty of examples worthy of the highest grade. They cover a variety of subjects, from Business and Medicine to History and Education. So whatever class you’re struggling with, you’ll find inspiration and support with us.

First, you need to find a literature review sample in line with your topic. Luckily, we have dozens of entries for you to search through. The reference section should be your first stop to find good sources. After that, pay attention to the structure, transitions, analysis, and language. As you read, take notes of how you could frame each fact or example, make comparisons, or analyze differences. With these insights in mind, you can start outlining and fleshing out your piece.

Say you’ve put off writing too long and are desperate to complete the assignment on time. Paraphrasing a free literature review sample from our database is your best bet. Avoid leaving full sentences unaltered, and be on the lookout for automatic thesaurus suggestions that don’t make sense. Besides, remember that most literature review sample papers on offer are student submissions, so expect to find a few errors and missing commas. Spellchecking and editing are a must after a quick rewrite, or you risk failing the assignment anyway.

Can you turn in a sample of literature review from our collection for grading? Not unless you want to face plagiarism accusations! Remember, someone has already gotten a grade for the review you choose. And if the paper has gone through a plagiarism checker, another pass-through will raise red flags. Suspension and flunking the class will be the least of your worries if you are not smart about using literature review sample papers.

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