Free Essay Example: Importation of Slavery

Published: 2023-02-22
Free Essay Example: Importation of Slavery
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The importation of Slavery began 400 years ago when the ship from North America, which started its chapter in the Trans-Atlantic, made more than 12.5 million dollars after people were kidnapped from Africa. In the U.S, for instance, it began when 350 people Portuguese citizens were captured and taken to South America (Waldstreicher, 2012). Congress outlawed the importation of slaves in America in 1807 after President Thomas Jefferson signed the law. The act, which was rooted due to the obscure passage in the constitution of America after the importation of slaves, was stipulated and prohibited after 25 years. The essay will elaborate more on the introduction of Slavery

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The first slaves arrived in Northern America in 1619, but by the 17th century, the indentured servants found around the area were Africans (Waldstreicher, 2012). However, the number declined in 1680 after an explosion that took place in the African slave trade. By the 18th century, slaves that were found in all 13 colonies were engaged in Agriculture. Before the American Revolution took place, most English critical imported more than three million captive Africans into America.

During the end of the international slave trade, there was a piece of legislation that never made sense. By late 1700, the law had no power to the point that the importation of slaves increased when the cotton industry accelerated due to the cotton gin. In 1787 when the Constitution was written, the government was unable to ban the importation of slaves (Waldstreicher, 2012). During the American Revolution to ban Slavery, some grievances claimed that the president attacked the British because they facilitate human trafficking.

Even though the planters of sugar and cotton in the South wanted a constant supply of new slaves, it never hindered the slave-trade business because most of them were always sent to the South. The majority of them were also shipped from the Virginia ports to bondage the Louisiana plantations. Even though most historians believed that Jefferson was in a relationship with the enslaved woman (Martha), he also allowed Sally's children to escape from captivation (Waldstreicher, 2012). Before his death, the two kids were known to be the only ones who gained freedom from Monticello.

Before he was killed, Jefferson had proposed to the government to purchase the slave children for $12.50 so that they may be raised and trained as freemen that will be later sent to Santo Domingo (Waldstreicher, 2012). In Jefferson's will, he also made sure that three older men older than him were freed so that they would continue working for him even after his death. By 1827, one hundred and thirty people that were kept as slaves in Monticello were later sold to pay the estate of Jefferson.

I don't feel the importation of slaves was a good thing because selling human beings was unfair. This is because the prohibition against the transportation of the African slaves never controlled domestic traffic in the interstate slave trade. When states like Virginia decided to change the economy through farming did not mean that the slave owners could be allowed to have many slaves. For instance, the sugar and cotton planters in the South needed a lot of slaves to maintain their economy. This means that for this business to thrive, most slaves were sent to the South. As elaborated, it was common for slaves to be taken to Virginia, but it was not their will to be sold (Waldstreicher, 2012). It is clear, therefore, that selling people as slaves makes people lose their dignity because the colonists misuse most of them.

Taxation without Representation

Taxation without representation was an act where people citizens were taxed, but there were no representatives to decide how the money was to be used. This term was a British slogan after 13 American colonies wanted to outdo the British Empire. Usually, taxation without representation took place when the taxing authorities, like the Government, collected taxes but failed to elect representatives (Carton et al., 2017). This was one reason why the American Revolution took place. Most citizens knew that since they were taxed, they should have political voices from the Government.

Benjamin Franklin was one inventor that had unusual accomplishments. Benjamin was also involved when it came to changing the standard life of people when he created the Franklin stove. Benjamin also pioneered to make sure that electricity became beneficial to people. In the Government, Benjamin made sure that he played a part in developing democracy and unity to the colonies, mainly when he worked as a colonial agent in London (Carton et al., 2017). Most of the time, Benjamin said to the British Government that taxation without representation was a principle that Americans believed in.

In the early part of the revolution, when Franklin went to France as the ambassador and diplomat of the colonies, he was known to be a man of brilliance, maturity, and ability. When he went to Paris, no one could equal him in his accomplishments and expertise. This made the British Minister and staff to be annoyed while Franklin enjoyed their frustrations. During his time in Paris, Franklin engaged himself in establishing America (Carton et al., 2017). One way he did this was by ensuring this happened was by enduring that had representatives. First, he met with the British commission leaders and secured a separate treaty with them.

The reason why he did this was to ensure America was secure. For the U.S to gain independence, Franklin made sure that the Government was recognized by creating boundaries that aimed to establish America's economy. In 1950, America published ten volumes of foreign affairs, which became part of governing the country (Carton et al., 2017). Even though a few Americans were afraid that the plans would be ruined, Franklin made sure they were implemented. After the revolution, taxation without representation seized. As a result, all taxed collected were approved by the senate and the House of Representatives. The Government also enacted a commander-in-chief to be in charge of the finance and the president's speech (Carton et al., 2017). After the first amendment, citizens were given the right to the Government's petition in case they had any grievances.

I never supported taxation without representatives because no one had powers or the rights to share out their grievances. As elaborated above, citizens were the ones that were suffering because no one could hear their issues. I can say that Benjamin Franklin did a fantastic job of ensuring that representatives such as the congress, senate, and other members of parliament were elected so that citizens could have people to fight for their rights. As a result, most countries worldwide have adopted the systems, and the economic status of most developed nations has stabilized. Taxation without representatives also led to theft, where the Government never had any responsible people to account for the money collected (Carton et al., 2017). It is clear now that anyone would support the change brought by Benjamin Franklin because all he wanted was to ensure that citizens never suffered in their own country. Today, America still recognize and practice the laws enacted by Benjamin Franklin.


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