Essay Example: Human Trafficking of Women in Nigeria

Published: 2022-02-16
Essay Example: Human Trafficking of Women in Nigeria
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The exploitation of human beings against their will through human trafficking is an illegal activity which if fought across the globe. Many people have been enslaved into violence, sexual harassment, labour and forced criminality through the act of human trafficking (Jong, 2019). The matter has raised concern to many organizations, one of them being the United Nation Investigation with human trafficking. This paper explains the investigation of the United Nations with human trafficking in Nigeria partnering with International Human Right Issue.

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Nigeria is one of the leading countries with cases of human trafficking. Women and children are the primary targets (Flowers, 2017). Trafficked women are engaged in prostitution while men are enslaved into labour. Children are forced to hawk in the streets and sometimes exploited sexually. Human trafficking in Nigeria takes typically place locally and internationally. The international traffic happens in the borders of Nigeria and neighboring countries like Gabon, Cameroon, Ghana, Niger, Togo and many other countries in the west and central Africa (Byme, Parsh, 2019). Due to trade unions like the Economic Community of West African States, there is easy entry and exit of citizens of countries tied to the trade union. Human traffickers take advantage of the lenient law to sneak human beings across the states. The local human trafficking takes place in mining areas where people are recruited and forced into labour in mining sites found in Nigeria (Abiodum, George, 2017). Human trafficking in Nigeria does involve not only African countries but also other foreign countries. The countries include Italy, Russia and some states across the Middle East where children, women and men are taken for forced prostitution and labour.

Human traffickers hide inside maternity, religious centers and orphanages to get their clients. Before sending them for exploitation, they abuse them sexually and insult them physically (Okeshola, Adenugba, 2018). Other traffickers force people to join criminal cults like the Boko Haram and ISIS. The many factors contributing to human trafficking in Nigeria Makes it one of the countries with a large number of human trafficking. The combination of the terrorist who wants to recruit new members, mining sites from Nigeria and neighboring countries which needs labour, drug traffickers who wish to sex have workers as part of the business has been the forces that have led to the rise of human trafficking in Nigeria. There are also internally displaced people camps which provide an easy catch for the human traffickers in Nigeria. There are claims also that security forces also involve in the act which renders the country with no one to salvage the situation.

United Nations, International Human Right Issues with other organizations after surveying the matter recommended several measures to be put in place to stop human trafficking in Nigeria (Onweremadu, Idehen et al., 2016). First, the situation should start with the military; they need to stop the unlawful acts of using women and children for exploitative reasons. If the military can stop the criminal acts themselves, they would be able to help prevent the trade from taking place by watching over all the borders to quit the business. The Government, through its legislation, has to enforce the law on human trafficking in Nigeria (Jatau, Yahaya, 2019). The Nigerian Government should also equip the courts with enough judges who will be able to prescribe judges to human traffickers without engaging in corrupt behaviors.

In conclusion, United Nations investigations and International Human right issues have established the causes, factors and recommendations toward the solution of human trafficking haunting Nigeria (Adepelumi, 2015). Their hand in the matter has helped to find out the reasons behind the incidences, which provide the basis of the solution. If the recommendations and the information provided by the United Nations is appropriately used, it will help to reduce the instances and eventually eliminate the brutal acts of human trafficking in Nigeria.


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