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It seems unthinkable that anyone would want to harm a child, as nature and evolution seem to have conditioned every creature on our planet against hurting progeny. Still, child abuse remains a painfully unresolved issue, as every seventh child experiences some sort of abuse.

Beatings and corporal punishment seem like the most obvious example, but there are more types of child abuse than you can imagine, and some of them are frequently overlooked. Aside from sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse, children are also subject to parental neglect. When parents or guardians fail to provide a child with food, shelter, clothing, and other everyday necessities, as well as love, care, and attention, that’s exactly what you would call neglect, a much underrepresented and under-researched type of child abuse.

Writing about child maltreatment is a challenge because the topic raises plenty of unpleasant issues, especially if you were a victim of abuse as a child. Still, it is a solid research field, whether you study Psychology, Medicine, Sociology, or Gender Studies. There are enough credible academic sources to cite, and human rights organizations frequently aggregate relevant statistics.

So, where can you take your essay about child abuse?

If you like getting to the bottom of every problem, consider researching the nature of abuse. Unsurprisingly, the risk factors of abuse range from domestic violence and stress to untreated mental conditions and past incidents of child abuse. After all, the victims of maltreatment are known to be more liable to instigate abuse once they grow up. Researching this vicious circle of violence can be a frightening and eye-opening endeavor, so make sure you don’t get triggered by the facts and figures you learn.

If you are a fan of deductive reasoning and enjoy casting yourself in the role of a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, consider an essay about the most efficient ways of identifying the signs of child abuse. While bruises, scrapes, and broken bones are clear signs of physical abuse, emotional violence against a child is harder to perceive. You could delve into psychological research to review the warning flags of emotional abuse. Just remember that teenagers can transmit signs of emotional instability for a host of reasons unrelated to child maltreatment. Neglect can also be tricky to notice, as the signs may be more subtle and stretched out over long periods. 

If you’re looking for a challenge and enjoy going above and beyond with your papers, consider the long-term repercussions of child abuse. Some of them might be obvious. For example, physical abuse may result in debilitating injuries and lifelong disabilities, and sexual abuse could result in unwanted teenage pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. Of course, the most terrifying result is that thousands of children died from abuse last year and every year before that. However, other consequences are less obvious and widespread. For instance, children who are victims of maltreatment often have trouble forming meaningful relationships, feel lonely and succumb to depression more easily. Worse still is the child’s low self-esteem coupled with a notion that violence is a normal part of any relationship. Suicidal attempts, self-harm, immune diseases, heart problems, and learning disabilities have also been connected to child maltreatment across multiple studies.

Sexual abuse is possibly the most emotionally challenging subject, so we do not recommend you research it unless you are 100% sure you can handle it. If you have any doubts, steer clear of the issue or try to err on the side of caution and stick with the relatively milder issues, like presenting a child with pornography or inappropriate non-sexual touches.

If you don’t want to take a deep dive into the horrors of child abuse, there are many related issues to address. For example, you could research the ways to evaluate the level of abuse from an outside point of view for professionals and concerned third parties. You can also study efficient child abuse prevention techniques for parents, teachers, and caregivers, as they are usually the ones to use violence against children.

For a case study, you can choose children maltreatment reported by a third party. Analyze the factors that prompted a person to contact authorities, the proof of abuse found, as well as the measures taken by social services to prevent further violence against a child. You can use successful and failed cases to highlight the most and the least effective approaches and showcase the outcomes for a child.

And if you’re in an argumentative mood, you could create a great piece debating whether spanking and other types of corporal punishment are a form of child abuse or an acceptable behavior-correction technique. Who’s to say your paper on child abuse cannot transform into a paper about efficient parenting methods to substitute the caveman approach?

It is horrifying that children become victims of their caretakers every day. However, that’s all the more reason to shed light on the issue of child abuse and work on preventing every kid from suffering at the hands of the people who are supposed to take care of them.

To prepare yourself for writing about child abuse, check out our free samples. There are plenty of terrifying facts and figures to help you decide if you’re ready to tackle the issue. You might find a curious idea to follow through on or a thesis statement to use in your paper. And the reference sections are filled with all the relevant and credible sources you need to support your anti-child abuse arguments.

Where can you order a child abuse essay?

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