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Sexual Abuse in Adulthood

Research has shown that sexual abuse and violence among women in the United States have risen in the past decades. Despite the economic and social-cultural conditions of the women, they are greatly exposed to sexual abuse. Sexual abuse in adulthoo...
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2017-07-13 21:06:42

Presentation Skills on YouTube

The way how the speaker uses presentation skills has a direct effect on whether the desired result will be achieved. While all speakers may have identical timing to communicate with their audience, some will always outperform others. Some people b...
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2017-07-19 10:43:55

The Effects of Child Abuse on Children's Social and Emotional Development

Child abuse is an infringement of the childs right of having a safe and violent-free childhood . Its consequences usually have an impact on each child in a different way. The effect of child abuse can extend to adulthood and have severe consequenc...
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2017-07-20 14:51:10

Criminal Responsibility Assessment

Insanity or mental disorder has often been used by criminals or defendants to explain the motives of their actions. When claiming to be insane, defendants imply that they were unable to refrain from committing a crime. This lessens the level of re...
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2017-07-23 09:55:31

Mindfulness in a Professional Setting

Being a volunteer in an addiction center presents certain challenges due to interaction with many troubled clients, including victims of abuse and human trafficking. From the very beginning, the situation is challenging since clients and residents...
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2017-07-27 10:41:24

Infant Experiment

The Violation of Expectation experiment carried out by Baillargeon on young children was to determine whether they could perceive objects hidden from them (Baillargeon, 2004). The conclusion drawn from the experiment was that the Violation of Expe...
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2017-07-30 08:41:16

Forensic Psychological Report

Every offender that is in a correctional system or facility must undergo an assessment process after a specified period. The evaluation process frequently focuses on obtaining accurate information in regards to the offenders management and progres...
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2017-07-31 09:58:46

Ethical Issues in Forensic Assessment

Forensic evaluation in most circumstances involves limited contact, an impartial stance, an adversarial forum and a critical assessment style rather than mere assertion by the client (Kalmbach & Lyons, 2006). Thus, forensic psychology is a unique ...
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2017-07-31 11:04:59

Learning Mechanisms Associated with Referent Selection and Retention in 18-24 Month Old Children

Children are different from the adults especially in the way they visualize and conceptualize ideas and synthesize complex information as compared to adults. The learning environment in which a child is brought up dictates how fast the child is ab...
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2017-08-02 11:25:43


The children population currently struggling with obesity has massively expanded, representing a huge health care burden both at present and in the future. The extent of the epidemic is worsened because it is a critical risk factor for other disea...
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2017-08-05 10:10:49