Judicial System

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Advocate for Justice

I was born in Mississippi in 1961, and it was hard growing up in the intensely segregated south. Living below the poverty line did not help the situation, but it did give me the determination. Half of a century and a few additional years have move...
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My name is insert name. I am a network engineer who performed the network evaluation for the Plaintiff, Impex Auto Sales. On April 22, 2016, I was asked by Impex Auto Sales for services to discover any irregular technical practices.After a thoroug...
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Punishment Rate of Child Sexual Offenders in the USA

The United States of America stands out because of its unique sex offenders registration laws, which classify light offenses as sexual ones, thus receiving weighty punishments similar to a person who has raped or molested a minor (Finkelhor, 2009,...
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Recidivism Rate of Child Sexual Assault Offenders

Several criminals after facing the criminal charges and serving jail term periods they are still prone to the same criminal acts, some of them will still be arrested for committing similar crimes, and child sexual assault offenders are not an exc...
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Sexual Assault Punishment

The introduction of the community notification by Megan is responsible for the continuous growth of sexual assault among children as well as adult (Duwe, & Donnay, 2008, p. 416). Statistically, the child sexual assault had been on the decrease s...
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Perfect recidivism reduction techniques

Determination of an efficient technique for decreasing the chances of recidivism in child sexual assault offenders remains a blow in various states, and the United States of America is not an exception either. Different scholars point behavioral...
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Types of Sexual Offenses

There exists a variety of sexual offenses, and their naming might choose the direction of who commits the offense, medium of commission or the victim of the offense. However, this does not mean that there are limited options to the direction of...
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Criminal Justice System of U.S., Russia and Japan

The criminal justice system is the set of institutions and procedures created by governments and whose aim is maintaining societal control, discouraging and mitigating lawbreaking, and sanctioning individuals who break laws with criminal consequen...
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What is Double Jeopardy

The courts are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that justice has been done for those who have been oppressed unlawfully by judging the offenders as per the provisions of the law. Justice can be defined as the moral rightness, the fairnes...
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Double Jeopardy Meaning

In that conjunction, South Australia also scrapped parts of the law of double jeopardy through the introduction of more legislation. For instance, it legalized retrials for crimes that are serious if the acquittal was tainted or with the compellin...
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