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What Makes an Essay on Immigration Relevant?

The US is a prime example of the power of immigration, as a major part of the population is made up of the descendants of European immigrants who sailed to the New World in search of a better life. However, immigration is often viewed negatively nowadays, as refugees from third-world countries flood the US and the EU. The influx of immigrants puts a considerable strain on the countries’ economies and drives plenty of social, political and cultural problems.

However, the immigration process comes with its fair share of benefits for the destination country too. For one, the high-skilled immigrants supply a relatively cheap labor pool that can bolster the economy, which is especially crucial in times of economic adversity between the US and China. In addition, successful assimilation of diverse cultures and traditions promotes tolerance and patience, making for a better society for everyone. 

Considering the ever-changing immigration conditions and the variety of opinions on the issue, it’s no wonder the topic remains popular among college professors and students alike. After all, a paper on immigration can become an argumentative or a persuasive essay, a case study, a term paper or even a thesis. There are plenty of reliable sources to use and opinions to cite. Whichever take on the issue you prefer, you can find enough supporting evidence to complete an assignment of any type and length.

How to Write An Essay on Immigration

Like any assignment, an essay about the immigration process is best divided into three stages:

  1. Prewriting. Long before you create a new file and stare down a blank page, you need to make sure you understand the assignment. Besides, you might need to come up with a topic and collect sources to cite. While you look through the books and articles, you’ll need to take notes you can later turn into parts of your essay.
  2. Writing. The most time-consuming and challenging stage of the process requires patience and tenacity, as well as the ability to conquer procrastination. Remember to use the sources and cite them properly, but also include your analysis and connect the passages to ensure a smooth, logical flow.
  3. Post-writing. You cannot turn in the paper on immigration the moment you’re done writing. Editing, proofreading and formatting are vital to getting a good grade, as each of these steps makes your essay look better and earns extra points from your professors.

The structure of the essay on the history of immigration or its economic, social or political impact is the same. Whether you need to write an essay or a research paper, it will still include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

The first paragraph or two call for a hook. It should grab the reader’s attention with a surprising fact, an exciting piece of statistics or a heart-wrenching story. For example, you can cite the increase in crime and terrorist attack rates across the EU states that followed the influx of refugees from Syria. Remember to include some background info on the topic that should feed directly into your thesis statement. Finish the introduction with a transition into the first point you’re going to make.

You can structure the body of the essay in many ways. The most common formulas are topical and chronological. With the former, you can dedicate each paragraph to a single point you want to make. With the latter, you can lead the reader through the issue from start to finish to help them understand the causes and effects of the issue. If you’re working on a persuasive piece, remember to address the opposing positions in the final paragraph before the conclusion.

The last passage ties all the points together and makes the full circle back to the thesis statement. Your immigration essay conclusion can also include the broad implications of the topic, further research avenues, as well as the questions and personal thoughts you wish to impart to the reader. As the conclusion is what readers remember best, make the final paragraph as powerful and impactful as you can manage.

Having Trouble Writing an Essay About Immigration?

Immigration is a highly controversial topic. Yet, that’s what makes it so popular with professors, and that’s what gives students so much trouble with research and writing. If you are out of your depth or feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of research, check out our free immigration essays samples. You’ll find inspiration to come up with a viable topic and collect some references you could use in your research. That will save you hours, if not days!

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What is immigration?

It’s a process of moving to another country to become a permanent resident or a naturalized citizen.

What are the usual reasons for immigration?

The detrimental factors driving people from their countries include poverty, persecution, war, natural disasters, dictatorship, terrorism, genocide or ethnic cleansing. Conversely, the attraction factors deciding the destination country include employment, better wages, familial or marital relationships, social security, a better quality of life and others.

What are the common effects of immigration?

Immigration has both positive and negative effects on the destination country’s economy, political climate, and quality of life. The overall economic impact of high-skilled immigration is considered mostly positive, but refugees create long-term issues.

What is the immigrant definition?

An immigrant is a person coming to a foreign country to take up permanent residence.

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