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Why writing an essay on police misconduct is so challenging

Police violence has been on the agenda throughout the last couple of years, though the issue has been on and off the news feeds for decades. Sometimes it feels like a neverending cycle of intermittent police brutality and riots. And there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to solve this problem.

Regardless of the threat of capital punishment, long-term incarceration or gun rights, the crime rates are creeping higher, and the police force is getting increasingly strung out. Once a single person in uniform reaches the boiling point, someone gets hurt or killed, and police brutality once again comes to be front and center in social discourse.

Still, society cannot afford to get rid of law enforcement, just like it cannot abolish all crime. That’s why an essay on police brutality isn’t merely great for stretching your persuasive and argumentative writing skills. It’s also an excellent opportunity to put your mind to solving one of the biggest issues of modern civilization. Besides, the complexity of the moral side of the topic means it is unlikely to go stale anytime soon.

If you’re struggling with your police brutality essay, you’re not the only one. It’s an incredibly complex issue that polarizes society and researchers alike. You will have to wade through hundreds of papers and articles to find ironclad support for either side of the conflict. And that takes time you don’t have when the deadline is looming near. 

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What is the police brutality definition?

Most scholars agree that the definition includes undue use of physical force by a police officer against citizens. At first, the term was solely applied to acts of violence, like beatings, torture or murder. However, in recent decades it was broadened to include racial profiling, verbal abuse and psychological injuries.

How does police brutality affect society?

Some effects of police abuse are glaring, like riots and protests that spark after especially brutal beatings or killings. Social unrest leads to property damage, traumas and casualties that compound the negative effects on the nation. However, other effects are no less harmful, even if they aren’t as obvious. For example, the loss of trust in law enforcement leads to an uptick in gun sales, which in turn can lead to mass shootings. Social tension is divisive, and it exacerbates the pre-existing friction and leads to more conflicts.

When did police brutality start?

The first records of police beating civilians date to the second half of the 19th century. It is believed the scale of law enforcement power abuse was connected to the worker protests that sprung up in the late 1800s through the US and Western Europe. Since then, the reports of officers abusing their power have become more regular. Hundreds of people become its victims every year.

How can police brutality be solved?

There isn’t a simple and fast solution. This issue requires careful planning and a cohesive approach. For one, police units should be demilitarized to remove the weapons that can cause mass injury or death from the hands of the officers on the streets. For another, applicants should be screened more thoroughly for racial biases and discriminatory ideology and behavior. Finally, police training should be more involved and include ways to handle suspects without the use of unnecessary force. Higher salaries and better job security would also be good for the officer’s state of mind.

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