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Essay About Marijuana Legalization - Why Is This Topic So Relevant?

Marijuana has always been the subject of debate and many catchy claims. This plant is considered the cause of drug addiction and one of the elements of the worldwide conspiracy. At the same time, many countries are going to legalize marijuana because of its medicinal properties. The main reason is that medical cannabis does not contain psychoactive substances and has many positive qualities. For example, smoking medical marijuana can help cope with depression, fighting, inflammation, and PTSD.

In addition, terminally ill people can buy marijuana to reduce body shock and not suffer from excessive doses of pain relievers. That is why this topic is quite relevant for students. By focusing on the aspects and key motivations, you can create an interesting essay containing the arguments for and against marijuana. Thanks to a thorough study of legislation and reliable sources, any student can find out that medical weed is legal in some countries. That's why this topic is worth your attention.

How to Write Essay on Legalization of Marijuana: Basic Steps for Every Student

Pick & Research Your Topic

First, you should choose your topic and focus on the aspects you will write about. For example, let's say you're going to write about the availability of weed in the Netherlands and other countries. Then it would help if you focused on local legislation and the nuances of purchasing CBD products.

Create a Thesis Statement

And here is one of the most important steps for every beginner. Your thesis is the starting point for each paragraph, as it contains the main idea. So this is why you should take your time and think carefully about your strategy. Then, create a solid thesis to achieve the desired result.

Make an Essay Outline

Let's say you decide to describe the legalization of marijuana in any country and public opinion on this matter. Start with a good outline. Don't forget that you have an intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Create a structure for your essay and include all the details to make the writing process easy and simple for you.

Begin With the Body

The legalization of weed is a rather controversial topic, so you should start with the main part. The fact is that such a trick will allow you to add a specific question, idea, problem, or proof of any judgment in each paragraph and fully disclose your topic. Only after this stage can you move on to other parts of your paper.

Make Your Intro

When your main body is ready, you can go back to the very beginning and write your introduction. Start with a hook, a rhetorical question, an interesting fact, or important data. Your task is to grab the reader's attention, even if only your professor sees your paper. After the main paragraphs, it will be easier for you to set your goals, motives and outline the problem of legalizing marijuana in certain countries.

Conclude Your Essay

The final part is just as important as the beginning, as your task is to summarize all of the above. Outline the aspects you have learned and how your research is relevant. But do not re-describe all the facts that you added in the previous paragraphs.

Use Credible Sources

One of the main problems for beginners is taking information and statistics from Wikipedia and open sources. But as a student, you should first search for academic journals, peer-reviewed articles, and books by accredited authors to add any data to your essay. Please do not link to any website unless you are sure your professor has allowed it.

Don't Fake It

Professors aren't dumb. They can easily verify the evidence and data you have provided. In addition, vague wording will become a barrier between you and high grades. Observe all the specified requirements and try to follow all the recommendations to avoid problems.

Proofread Your Paper

Once you get to the final stage, you should check grammar and spelling. Most beginners are unconsciously in a hurry and use vague wording. It would help if you didn't make such mistakes. Instead, reread each paragraph and find any weak points. Don't be afraid to rewrite sentences if doing so helps you improve your paper. By the way, how about letting your friends read the draft? You could get an outside opinion and correct any inaccuracies.

Use Transition Words

All transition words help to keep the story flowing. For example, you can jump from one fact or research result to another, and your paragraphs won't look like scattered sentences.

Do Not Hesitate

Time is your enemy. The longer you delay the moment of writing an essay, the more difficult it will be for you to search for data and interpret it. Therefore, it is best if you start working immediately after selecting your topic. Then you will not have to worry about lack of time. Plus, you can avoid most of the mistakes caused by your inattention.

Make Your Checklist

Any checklist is a set of questions or points that your essay should correspond to. Think of it as a kind of final exam that will help you avoid making any mistakes. For example, have you added strong arguments or good quotes? Have you used transition words? Are there facts or statistics in the body paragraphs? All these questions will help you avoid many mistakes.

Free Marijuana Legalization Essays: Top Samples & Academic Assistance

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