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Sample Essays on the Most Important Writers for Students 

Ray Bradbury Sylvia Plath John Steinbeck Nathaniel Hawthorne Leo Tolstoy Shakespeare
Walt Whitman William Blake William Wordsworth  William Faulkner Shirley Jackson Zora Neale Hurston
Mark Twain Jane Austen Hemingway Emily Dickinson Amy Tan Charles Dickens
Edgar Allan Poe Anne Bradstreet Kate Chopin Langston Hughes Alice Walker George Orwell
  Scott Fitzgerald Homer Plato Sophocles  


Even if you're not an English major, essays on writers are ubiquitous. As the best and brightest representatives of their times, poets and writers provide us with a unique chance to see the society of the past through the lens of their perception and life experiences. Moreover, the differences in their takes on the same periods and events make literary analysis more exciting than it seems at first glance. But at the same time, it makes students' jobs harder, as it requires a wealth of knowledge only Literature professors possess. And that's why essay samples about writers are an invaluable tool in your writing arsenal.

Thanks to free essays on writers, you can get a rough idea of where your study needs to go without wasting weeks on fruitless research. Skim an example in our library, and you'll get one take on the writer, their background, and their works, which should be enough to get your creative juices flowing. And if you compare several essay samples about writers on the same person, you'll get a well-rounded view of their achievements, as well as a handful of useful sources you can cite in your paper.

Although we do not condone plagiarism and advise against submitting free essays on writers for grading under your name, there are ways for you to use our samples to your advantage. For example, an in-depth analysis of these papers can inspire you to craft an outline that combines the most brilliant points while leaving out the weakest ideas. You can also borrow some writing style staples, such as smooth transitions or clever ways to weave quotes into your essays on writers.

Conversely, you can learn from others' mistakes. As each sample is a work of a student, not a professional writer, errors are likely. However, if you teach yourself to spot and correct them, your own writing will benefit greatly, even without a professional editor to look it over.

On the other hand, if it's professional help you seek, SpeedyPaper will be happy to take over. With dozens of English majors on our roster, essays on writers are a specialty. Our academics can deal with any topic, from Plato to Bradbury, whether you need a paper for your high school or a thesis proposal for a doctorate program. Besides, we can work miracles and deliver a submission-ready piece within 24 hours, as long as you're realistic about the word count expectations. Give our writing gurus a chance to prove themselves, and you won't be disappointed.

20+ Relevant Essay Topics About Writers

Start your discovery of our free essay samples about writers with a list of thought-provoking topics. And if none of the ideas below tickle your fancy, we have hundreds of other exciting ideas. So contact us, and we'll put our inspiration and knowledge at your service.

  1. The theme of the American Dream across African American poetry
  2. Analyzing the feminism theme in Jane Austen's works
  3. The themes from Greek myths that remain relevant in the 21st century
  4. Class discrimination present in William Shakespeare's Hamlet
  5. Character analysis of The Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
  6. Comparative analysis of Whitman's and Dickinson's poetry
  7. The relevance of George Orwell's social and political predictions
  8. The representation of oppression in marriage across feminist writers' works
  9. Analyzing the morality issues in Of Mice and Men
  10. The combination of imagery and symbolism in Shakespeare's works
  11. Comparing the state's view of citizens in works by Orwell and Rand
  12. The negative impact of puritan beliefs in The Scarlet Letter
  13. The effect of war experience on Hemingway's writing
  14. Gender biases, as represented in Zora Neale Hurston's "The Sweat"
  15. Comparative analysis of antagonist characters in Othello
  16. The intersections of social, cultural, and economic values in Amy Tan's works
  17. The interpretation of cultural diversity through literary art
  18. Assessing Mark Twain's contribution to world literature
  19. The role of women in Victorian society through the lens of Dickens' works
  20. Analyzing Ray Bradbury's storytelling arcs in Fahrenheit 451

If you'd like to explore the topics above in essays on writers but need some help to do so, the SpeedyPaper team of professional academics will be happy to help.

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