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Who makes history: masses or personalities? That’s a question as complex and controversial as the issue of mind and matter. Still, many agree that leaders are the catalysts that urge masses into action to achieve a common goal, be it a revolution, a war, or a billion-dollar startup. And while many want to tap the power of leadership, few manage to uncover the secret of compulsion and motivation. That’s why an essay on leadership will never go out of style and will forever remain relevant.

If you want to run a leadership analysis, browsing the official biography is not enough. There are too many nuances to the personality and strategy to be uncovered in a single account. So instead, look for different takes, analyses, and consider these aspects of the leader:

  • Their role models, heroes, mentors and early experiences. They can help you understand the sources of psychological traits and leadership style.
  • Personality types and ego defenses. You can learn a lot by understanding whether the leader is paranoid or obsessive-compulsive, a narcissist or egocentric.
  • Belief systems. Beliefs usually shine through the leader’s every action, so they should be easy to isolate and analyze.
  • Cognitive functions. The way a leader processes information and their thought patterns can also be key to understanding their success or failure.
  • Motivation methods. Great leaders push people into action through positive or negative motivation, and applying their methods may help others achieve similar results.

All of the facets mentioned above make excellent leadership essay topics on their own or in conjunction with each other. The trouble is that writing a solid piece about leadership takes too much time if you do it right. You need to scour every nook and cranny of the leader’s biography to learn everything there is to know about them. Analyzing all the newfound information is another monumental task. So there’s no shame in taking a little shortcut. 

Start by browsing our leadership essay examples. Our database is here to inspire and tickle your imagination and serve as a solid starting point for your research. But if you’re too close to the deadline to take on this task, let our professional writers help, starting with...

Our Shortlist of Handpicked Leadership Essay Topics

The long road starts with the first step, and when working on a college assignment, choosing a topic is usually the first stumbling block that keeps you stuck for days. With endless possibilities, landing on the one idea to cover in your essay seems an impossible task. Luckily, we’re here to help you overcome this hurdle with a handpicked shortlist of ideas. Some are tried and true, easy to research, perfect if you’re in a hurry to turn in the paper. Others are hot off the press, exciting and controversial if you want to get noticed and impress your professor. Take your pick:

  1. Importance of student leadership
  2. What are the ethical challenges that a leader faces
  3. Abraham lincoln leadership style
  4. Servant leadership in diverse contexts
  5. Subordinate leadership essay
  6. Kotter leadership VS management
  7. Leadership in criminal justice organizations
  8. Impact of leadership style on organisational performance


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