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Internet of Things Security

Several reports on the Internet of Things have been documented with the aim of addressing privacy and security issue in recent study. The aim of this research is to point out the need for security and privacy in IoT. The research will look into a...
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2017-10-09 09:46:03

Cyber Crimes Essay

Internet crimes form one of the main challenges in this era of huge internet technology. In many instances, internet crimes have led to increased losses of both finances and the reputations of individuals and organizations. Besides, there have bee...
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2017-10-11 12:47:17

Why We Need Police

The essay answers the question why we need police. Police play a significant role in law enforcement in the society. Measures of law enforcement have always been required in the society to promote peace, maintain order, and allow free movement of ...
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2017-10-20 12:43:37

Cyber-security in Smart Travel: The Case Study of Abu Dhabi Airport

Abu Dhabi Airport became the first entity in the Middle East region to create Smart Travel. The airport implemented this initiative in partnership with Abu Dhabi Police and the Ministry of Interior. The system allows passengers to move through sec...
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2017-11-01 10:10:56

Recording Identities Using Iris Scanners

John Daugman also emphasizes the wide acceptance of automatic recognition of individuals. Daugman developed algorithms for recognizing persons by their iris patterns. These algorithms have been tested in many laboratory and field trials, and the r...
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2017-11-01 10:12:24

Linux Security Features

Kali Linux security features are devised for penetration testing and digital forensic. It is considered as one of the most used software that protects a companys program from being hacked. Devon Kearns of the Offensive Security developed the softw...
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2017-11-06 10:58:55

School Safety Essay

You are welcome to read the school safety essay. I looked at the school site safety where children play both indoors and outdoors.
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2017-11-15 09:10:54

Car Hacking

The modern car consists of interconnected electronic components that control various aspects of the vehicle.
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2017-11-17 13:44:22

History of Gun Control in America

Over the years, history of gun control in America has merited great concerns not only for the federal government but also for the state.
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2017-11-20 08:47:25

Gun Control Laws

Another Supreme Court case that had a major impact on the right to bear arms was Columbia v. Heller, which took place in 2008.
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2017-11-20 08:49:16