Free Essay: White Collar Crimes and Human Trafficking in Southern Utah

Published: 2022-02-16
Free Essay: White Collar Crimes and Human Trafficking in Southern Utah
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Southern Utah has, for a long time, been one of the safest places to live in the United States of America. The peace and tranquility of the residents are admirable. The calmness of Southern Utah changed with the start of white-collar crimes and human trafficking. White-collar fraud is a nonviolent, financially motivated crime committed by high profile individuals such as business gurus and political leaders (Heinonen, Spink, & Wilson 621). White-collar crimes include Ponzi scheme, insider trading, wage theft, and embezzlement of funds, among others. Human trafficking, on the other side, is the illegal trading of human beings for purposes of commercial sexual exploitation, sexual slavery, and forced labor, among others. The frequency of white-collar fraud and human trafficking in St. George Southern Utah is worrying. White-collar fraud and human trafficking crimes have caught the attention of top leaders in the state. Some of the senior figures who have addressed the issue of white-collar fraud and human trafficking include Romney and the attorney general of Southern Utah Reyes Sean (Heinonen et al. 624). White-collar fraud and human trafficking are two challenges that can be easily curbed if proper measures are taken by both the authority and the residents of Southern Utah.

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The solution to White Collar Crimes and Human Trafficking in Southern Utah

Currently, the residents in Southern Utah live in great fear. Along the street, children are in tight fists of their guardian. Children are monitored and forced to stay indoors due to fear of being trafficked. Potential business owners are also afraid of striking business deals due to increased white-collar fraud. Ponzi schemes, poor investment deals, and fraud in business operation rob Southern Utah millions of dollars every year. Southern Utah has been described as the epicenter of white-collar crimes which compel residents to verify a process before trusting (Heinonen et al. 628). The following can be useful in countering the frequency of white-collar fraud and human trafficking in Southern Utah (Heinonen et al. 628).

Establish White-Collar Felon Registry

To combat white color fraud and human trafficking, Southern Utah need to install a white-collar fraud registry. The registry should include names, pictures, and business affiliation of white-collar felons and human traffickers. The images should be widely circulated across the state to warn residents against engaging in any business deals with the identified individuals. The pictures of the fraudsters need to appear on the registry till their death. Establishing a white-collar fraud convict registry will focus on protecting the investors and society at large (Heinonen et al. 632).

Introduce Tough Sentencing against offenders

White-collar crimes and human trafficking are primarily committed by influential people in politics and the business world. Lawyers and judges have been accused of white-collar crimes in their line of duty. Elevating the challenge of human trafficking and white-collar crimes in Southern Utah, strict laws against the offenders need to be established. Individuals accused of human trafficking and white-collar crimes need to resign from their positions immediately (Heinonen et al. 635). The resignation will offer the authority an opportunity to investigate the accusations against the suspects. If the suspects are found guilty of the crimes, they need to serve a lengthy jail term. The offenders also need to be banned from doing any business transactions upon conviction (Heinonen et al. 636).

Possible Counterargument

White-Collar Crime Registry is Inhumane

Registering an individual on social media and websites throughout their lifetime is inhumane. The crime registry in itself acts as a life sentence to the offenders. Registering a person's name and exposing their images on websites is an exoteric sign of conviction (Heinonen et al. 638). Branded individuals are likely to continue suffering even after completing their sentence terms. The convicts will continue suffering mentally. On top of their suffering, those offenders who have previously been listed on offender's registry are denied access to social amenities such as parks and other recreational resources. The white-collar crime and human trafficking registry also fail to give adequate information to the users. Better means of punishing the offenders need to be installed rather than publicly shaming individuals hence resulting in lifetime challenges (Heinonen et al. 639).


White-collar fraud and human trafficking are worrying about the peace and economy growth of Southern Utah. Majority of individuals who are committing white-collar crimes and human trafficking are financially established individuals who use their power and command to deprive others. White-collar crimes have led to the fall of industrial standards of Southern Utah. Strict measures need to be implemented to curb white-collar crimes and human trafficking. Some of the actions that can be used to eliminate these vices include the introduction of the white-collar convict and human trafficking registry and strict jail sentences against the offenders. Counterarguments have also been raised against the record of offenders on websites. Critics argue that public branding of individuals has long-term disadvantages compared to the advantages. Critics have termed the registry measure to be inhumane.

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