Free Essay Example. The Business of Human Trafficking

Published: 2023-04-10
Free Essay Example. The Business of Human Trafficking
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Human trafficking is comprehended to be the process via which individuals are kept in a way that is exploitative to gain economically. It can happen through movement across borders or within the borders of the country (Russel, 2017). There are several reasons why individuals, women, men, and children are trafficked: these include coerced labor in farms, industries, private households, sex work, and coerced marriages-trafficking impacts all around the world.

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Human trafficking is caused because of a lack of equity in a country or across borders. Also, policies regarding immigration made restrictive aggravate human trafficking. Another cause of human trafficking is the increasing demand for cheap labor (Russel, 2017). These are some of the major causes. Also, factors such as poverty, instability, and racism will increase the possibility of an individual being trafficked.

Men, women, and children are trafficked to provide labor work in the agricultural sector, fishing industry, mining, forest sector, building and construction, domestic chores, and hospitality services. In other scenarios, trafficked individuals may work as beggars and sometimes as soldiers of a country. Women sometimes will be forced to be wives.

It is not yet clear for The provision of figures concerning human trafficking. This is because, by nature, human trafficking is illegal and thus undertaken in secret and almost invisible. It is also not clear, for one to be able to distinguish between a trafficked individual, exploited worker, and an extremely at-risk migrant. Human trafficking is also dependent on gender. For example, trafficking for sex and domestic chores will see more women and children be the victims, unlike men. Men and boys are more trafficked when there is a demand for cheap labor. It is not a wonder that human trafficking is a practice being undertaken. Trafficking agents get a lot of money from this act.

Knowledge of the impact of health as a result of human trafficking is still limited. However, according to the human rights and trafficking report, a particular review was done in 2006 in Europe that concentrated on trafficking for coerced sex and cheap labor. A survey was made that was meant to get knowledge of physical, sexual, and mental health symptoms experienced by females trafficked for sexual abuse. The review stated that 16 studies were related to coerced sex work, unlike just two studies that concentrated on labor-related human trafficking. Therefore the reports that were written focused on health issues concerning sex than mental health issues. The survey was done to 200 women. Either way, individuals trafficked suffer from psychological health issues, physical and sexual abuse, coerced drug use, and economic abuse.

The majority of women highlighted that they suffered extreme physical or sexual abuse when they were being exploited. Soon after being trafficked, they would then suffer mental stress. While the negative impacts have been pointed out, human trafficking through illegal is a source of income to the trafficking agents. The trafficking agents will have a higher purchasing power and will, therefore, promote sales, which overall will improve the economy of a country. Moreover, the country where there is an exercise of exploitation will benefit from cheap labor and cheap goods. People with low incomes will also benefit from cheap goods.

In conclusion, human trafficking violates human rights in terms of slavery, coerced labor, and sexual and physical abuse, and should be fought. A rising number of countries are introducing national offices, like a rapporteur, which supervises national responses to trafficking. Even though independent supervision is a crucial aspect that ensures that laws are kept, and policies and practices are enacted to continue protecting human rights; the government agencies should regulate their mandate from a human rights point of view.


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