Writing an Impeccable Proposal Essay: Inspiring Topics and Helpful Guidelines

How to write a proposal essay: writing guidelines and appealing topics to consider

Table of contents:
  1. What is an essay proposal?
  2. How to write a proposal essay? 
  3. Proposal essay examples
  4. Writing tips for students
  5. Conclusion

As a college student, you may know how challenging and daunting certain academic assignments may be. Working on the proposal essay, the student should have not only time but also writing skills, competence in the area, awareness of the paper type specifications, and surely an inspiration. If you lack any of the elements, you have little chance to thrive with the project. 

Fortunately, we are always here to help learners deal with their projects stress-free, no matter how complicated or demanding they are. Are you struggling with your proposal essay? Read an article and follow the instructions to create an impeccable paper worth the highest grade. And if school tasks seem too challenging, feel free to use a little help from our assignment writing service.

What is an essay proposal?

Before you dive into writing a proposal essay, you should first deal with definitions. The main idea of this academic assignment is to provide the professor and other readers with an opportunity to give feedback on the topic, research objectives, and arguments you have selected. In short, an essay proposal is a brief description of the future essay. It has its structure and formatting requirements, but the purpose of its writing is to introduce the intended paper. Additionally, it is critical to mention that writing a consistent proposal essay can save students much time in the future working on the actual project. 

How to write a proposal essay? 

Like most academic papers, a proposal essay has its specifications and features that should be taken into account. Check out basic guidelines and recommendations that will draw you closer to the indispensable results and will speed up the writing process. Pay due attention to the preparatory stage of work, as it may predetermine the outcomes. 

Tip from SpeedyPaper:

The more time you spend analyzing the field and collecting information from credible sources, the less time you will spend working on the project. 

Choosing the best topic for a proposal essay

While in certain instances, college students will be offered a list of topics for proposal essay writing, sometimes learners will have to make the decision independently. Finding the right perspective to discuss is not easy, as it requires a deep understanding of the field and its peculiarities. 

If you strive to come up with a relevant essay topic, you should start with a comprehensive analysis of the subject and its specifications. Narrow down a broad theme and focus on a single aspect that seems interesting to you. Look through the list of effective topics mentioned below to get a better idea of how an influential theme should look like. 

Tip from SpeedyPaper:

Even the most interesting topic can be presented in the wrong way. Look through a list of the most appealing topics to express your ideas right. 

Examples of proposal essay topics

Writing an impeccable proposal essay starts with choosing a relevant topic that will attract the reader’s attention and make the paper stand out. Check out an extensive list of sample proposal essay topics to get inspired and guided. Focus on the themes that are interesting for you and not widely discussed by other students. 

  1. The change and construction of the roads
  2. The theme of open exchange
  3. The consortium in developing countries
  4. Internal communication systems within an organization
  5. Positive human rights violations among UN members states
  6. Uniform policy change
  7. Exam-oriented education
  8. Vancouver sports hotel
  9. Mental health illnesses in juvenile institutions
  10. Evaluation of hypericin herb-drug interactions
  11. Business mergers and acquisitions
  12. High turnover rate issue
  13. Teenage suicide because of substance abuse
  14. Relationship between a Nation's Oil Fiscal Regime and the behavior of oil companies
  15. Chinese as secondary language teaching and learning in the context of globalization
  16. Autism spectrum disorder theme
  17. Siblings' relationships can limit the adverse effects of intimate violence
  18. Effectiveness of the early intensive intervention for children with ASD
  19. Food consumption practices of secondary school students
  20. Implementation plan for evidence-based practice
  21. Standardized psychological tests for mental health screening in prisons
  22. Application of narratives in graphic design and visual communication education in China
  23. Assault in hospital setting
  24. Developing a prevention plan for possession of dangerous drugs
  25. O-Arm imaging system safety
  26. Research proposal on waste management
  27. Preoperative nursing education
  28. Management in the hospitality industry
  29. Gender and language
  30. Psychology movies
  31. Correctional officers and juveniles with mental illnesses
  32. Research Proposal Evaluation
  33. Qualitative research proposal in public health
  34. Determining the role of the DPP9 Enzyme
  35. Prospection and its effect on depression and anxiety
  36. Global investment organization to govern and enforce laws on foreign and international investment
  37. Healthcare research proposal on discharge planning and its effect on readmission
  38. Effects of the innovations in the financial sector of the US banks
  39. Research proposal essay on dreams
  40. The impact of the sixties scoop on aboriginal children, families, and communities
  41. Same-sex schools
  42. Research project proposal and ethical approval form
  43. Effect of self-efficacy on procrastination
  44. Mixed methodology 
  45. Computer science project proposal
  46. Digital marketing proposal essay
  47. Psychology research proposal: personality and stress
  48. Research proposal example in psychology: stress management and its features
  49. Implementation of the proposal essay 
  50. Mandarin oriental business proposal essay
  51. Statistical research proposal: hypothesis and Its Aspects

Writing proposal essay outline

The prominence of the preparatory stage should never be underestimated, as it is a certain way to smooth and stress-free process. Before you dive into the writing process or even start thinking about the structure of a consistent proposal essay, you should deal with the pre-writing tasks. 

Irrespective of the topic, number of pages, deadline, and other specifications of your assignment, there are five steps you should take before writing an essay. 

  • Understanding the target audience. The main idea of the proposal essay is to convince the readers that the concept mentioned in the paper is relevant, feasible, and reasonable. Thus, the simplest way to sound persuasive is by learning the needs, requirements, preferences, level of knowledge, and competence of the readers. Profile the prospective audience to choose the suitable tone of writing, style, and formatting. At this point, it is indispensable to mention that writing a proposal essay for business people will differ from papers for college staff. Therefore, once you know the target audience, you have a higher chance to contribute to the quality of your message and its clarity. 
  • Specify the problem. Once you have already analyzed the perspective audience, you are ready to define the research problem. There are several writing techniques that may help you introduce the main idea of the paper, so you can select the most suitable and appealing one. Use a real-life example, statistics, or other instruments that will help you clarify the problem that will be discussed in the paper.  It will not only heat up the reader’s interest in the topic of the discussion but will also win the reader’s trust. Make sure you support each of your arguments with references and facts taken from credible data sources. 
  • Research the field. Have you already stated the problem? Provide the readers with the possible ways to solve it. This is one of the most time-consuming stages of work, as it predetermines the processing of a lot of information. Take advantage of primary and secondary sources of information to present meaningful facts to support your claims. Do not include out-of-date information and irrelevant data taken from dubious sources. 
  • Create an outline. Finally, you are getting closer to the proposal essay writing process, and outlining is one of the most effective ways to make the assignment more manageable and less stressful. After a profound analysis of the topic and collection of critical information, you are ready to single out the most prominent aspects to present and explain. Why is an outline beneficial? It helps writers to structure future paper and keep the essay more consistent and logical. Brainstorm ideas and techniques that will help you create a comprehensive proposal essay. Check out a few sample papers to detect useful tips and tricks that may contribute to the quality of your writing. Make sure the outline you create presupposes the logical flow of the ideas. Include transition sentences and phrases that will keep the text consistent and coherent.
  • Get ready for the essay writing process. An impeccable outline is a skeleton of your essay that will save you much time and effort while writing. Follow the guidelines, expanding the brief ideas mentioned in the outline. Keep the paper structure, diversifying the content with interesting examples, statistics, charts, and tables that will add to the essay's readability and relevance. Do not forget to proofread the final draft to avoid any typos, errors, and inaccuracies. Watch for grammar, punctuation, style, and formatting that may affect the relevance of the paper. Take advantage of editing services offered at SpeedyPaper if you do not have much time, effort, and skills to succeed at this stage. 

Tip from SpeedyPaper: 

A proposal essay outline is an integral part of the writing process. If you manage to create a well-structured plan, you are likely to come up with an impeccable essay. 

How to start a proposal essay

Are you done with the pre-writing stage? Finally, you are ready to get started with the proposal essay creation. At this point, it is critical to emphasize that while the basic elements of the paper will remain relevant for all the papers, some of its parts may differ, depending on the topic of the paper, its type, and college requirements. Therefore, stay flexible working on the academic project, adjusting the most influential and effective ideas for a proposal essay so that your project stands out. At the same time, stick to the basic guidelines and tips that will help you create a well-structured and coherent paper. Here are the main elements to include in the paper. 

  • Title page. This is the opening part of the proposal essay, as it is the first thing the readers will see when they start reading the paper. There are multiple elements that should be obligatorily included, such as the title of the work, the full name of the writer, the professor’s name, and the school name. Some elements of the title page can differ, depending on the school and selected formatting style. Make sure you follow the instructions and guidelines specified by your professor. 
  • Introductory passage. The title page is important, but it contains little information about the content of the paper. Therefore, the introductory part is the most meaningful one, as it is aimed at giving brief background information on the proposal. Additionally, it introduces the matter to the readers, making them excited about the further data. Therefore, the primary task of the writer is to keep this passage well-structured, easy to read, and comprehend. Do not forget about the topic sentence that will highlight the objective of the paper and heat the interest of the audience to the discussed object. Additionally, a clear thesis statement should be mentioned in the essay, offering an effective solution to the problem. Narrow down the topic and emphasize the use of your proposal for different categories of people to keep them interested. 
  • Statement of the problem. Why should you single out the problem statement in a separate paragraph if you have already included this information in the introduction? At this point, it is indispensable to acknowledge the main function of the proposal essay in order to find answers to similar questions. In fact, the whole paper is focused on a problem and its solution. Therefore, there is no way your name the issue too many times. Instead, the more specific you are talking about the problem, the clearer and the more relevant the paper becomes. Additionally, working on this passage, the writer should emphasize not only the problem but effective ways out of the situation. State the goals of the offered proposals and highlight the prominence of the discussion. Besides, make sure you include information about the ways the offered ideas and concepts may influence various aspects of your life and work.  
  • Proposal. Once you have defined the problem in detail, you need to proceed to the purpose of your writing. What is the objective of the essay? Why is it relevant and important? What is the value of the statements included? The main idea of the proposal part is to discuss the ideas offered by the writer and analyze their advantages and downsides. Irrespective of the number of solutions you have offered, none of them should be left without explanation and detailed analysis. Divide this passage into a few paragraphs, if necessary, to keep it readable. 
  • Action plan. After you have offered influential ideas, changes, and solutions implementation of which can improve the situation, you should mention the action plan. What is it? It is a way to highlight the practical side of the process. Convince the audience that offered items are relevant, effective, and feasible so that their use will be beneficial and desired. Additionally, make sure you provide a comprehensive explanation of how to implement changes so that readers are ready not only for the advantageous aspects but also challenges and problems they may face. 
  • Desired outcomes. This is one of the most interesting parts of the proposal essay writing, as its purpose is to clarify your ideas. Although the passage is comparatively short, it is exceptionally meaningful, as it presents the information mentioned in the paper in a distinct and clear way. Focus on the key concepts and notions that are integral to your research. Additionally, do not forget that anticipation of the proposal outcomes is another objective of the paragraph, so make sure the readers know what to expect. 
  • Estimation. What is the main goal of the proposal essay? In the overwhelming majority of instances, writers provide the audience with impressive ideas that are worth implementing. However, how long will it take to succeed? How much money should be invested in the plan? What resources should be used for the desired outcomes? The estimation part of the essay deals with all these questions, giving precise answers to most of them. Make sure you include relevant and up-to-date information in the passage, mentioning not only the advantages of the proposal but also the downsides and challenges learners may face. 
  • Necessary resources. As it has already been mentioned in the previous point, there are multiple resources needed for the successful implementation of the suggested ideas or solutions. The objective of this part of the proposal essay is to emphasize the variety of elements indispensable for the achievement of the desired results. In most cases, they include time, finances, instruments, and equipment required. 
  • Conclusion. The final part of the essay should contain zero new information. The main idea of the passage is to sum up the core ideas specified in the paper and emphasize the prominence of further research. Reiterate the thesis statement and suppose multiple ways to extend the current study. 
  • Bibliography. Similar to other academic papers, the reference list should be included here. Make sure your paper is formatted in compliance with the requirements, as it is the only way to avoid plagiarism. The format of the bibliography may differ a bit, depending on the selected style. Anyway, make sure you include all the data sources mentioned in the text. 

Proposal essay examples

Following comprehensive guidelines is always beneficial, but reading at least one proposal essay example is even better. Browsing the website, you will find a collection of sample papers that will provide you with the most appealing ideas and writing instruments indispensable for flawless essay writing. 

Proposal Essay Sample
Analyze a few essays, paying attention to the structure of the text, formatting aspects, and other specifications that can make a critical difference. Implement a few elements in your work to make it a blast. 

Writing tips for students

Understand the purpose and audience

Understanding the purpose and audience for your proposal essay is key. It helps to guide your writing and ensure your message is received effectively. Remember, many students pay for essay writing when they struggle to connect with their audience, so you can use this trick too.

Structure your proposal essay effectively

Having a well-structured essay is critical for a coherent argument presentation. Remember that organizing your thoughts will help your readers to follow along. Don't hesitate to seek paper writing help if you're unsure how to structure your essay.

Use compelling language and supporting evidence

A well-written proposal essay employs compelling language and supporting evidence. Good use of language can captivate your audience, while strong evidence convinces them of your argument's validity. But don't shy away from asking for help. Utilizing an admission essay writing service can relieve some academic pressure.


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