Essay Sample with the Research Proposal Evaluation

Published: 2022-03-15
Essay Sample with the Research Proposal Evaluation
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In references to your research proposal that you submitted for evaluation, I have here below provided my fair and balanced opinion on your research proposal. Kindly note that there are some areas that I have marked "good" because they meet the basic requirement of the research proposal. Please read below and adjust your research proposal as requested in the remarks for each section.

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1. Background & Problem Definition

1.1 Background

Please provide statistical, facts or data that proves that the Healthy Kids Practice (HKP) is interested in assessing the likelihood of success of a telemedicine practice in a small town in Central Illinois. Providing statistical data will help in evaluating if this is a major problem worth researching. What are the research motivations? How would the research contribute to the academic literature as well as its implication for practitioners?

1.2 Problem Definition

1.2.1 Exploratory Researchhow do you know that they believe there is a need for pediatric services.

2.2.2 Research Question(s) good

2. Methodology

2.1 Type of Research

You have only stated the research design, what is your research approach?

2.2 Sources of Data


2.3 Population

What is your sample size and what determined the sample size? What are the exclusion and inclusion criteria under consideration?

3. Data Collection

Data will be collected using a questionnaire. Please see Appendix 1.

The questionnaire is not completed, but how would you collect the data. Would you administer the questionnaire alone or distribute them to the respondents to answers question at their leisure. How would you protect the identity of the respondents?

4. Analysis

There are three main key things to take into consideration. Reliability, validity and transferability or generalizability. Please state the type of reliability, and validity associated with the unintended study and how you would maximize these constructs. Additionally, how or which tools would you use to analyze the data and if some tools would be used, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each tool

5. Schedule

The fixed projects schedules only stated that starting date. The project deliverables should have a clear starting and fining date for every milestone or deliverable. How long would each milestone take? Also, what costs is apportion for each deliverable. Additionally, you have not indicated that the paper will be submitted to the professor at specific dates. Please state how the professor's remarks would be incorporated into the paper.

7. Budget

In this section, the researcher has indicated estimated costs of each section. However, in that section indicated to be discussed (TBD), there should have been estimated costs too because leaving the section blank mean that the researcher is not prepared to research a short notice. What if there was funding? The sponsors would pull out without proper cost estimation.

6.1 Appendix A: Questionnaire

Hi, my name is .................. I am a student at Xxxxxxxxxxxx University pursuing bachelors of Science xxxxx. I am conducting a study on.................... For the study, I am inviting you to participate in my study by answering the simple questions below. However, I would like to inform you that you are participating anonymously to protect your privacy. You are also free to opt out of the study at any time. Additionally, your data would be used for fulfilling the objectives of this study only. The data would be kept on a password-protected system to enable retrieval and review but would be deleted from the system once the study is completed.

What is the name of the institution you work in? ______________________

Can you let me know your opinion on telemedicine?

Most people believe that telemedicine is an excellent delivery method for health care, what is your attitude toward it?

It is ok ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ I love it

What kind of sources have you used to learn about telemedicine?

______ From a friend or relative______ from a newspaper______ from television or radio or other electronic media

How do you feel about the following statement? On a scale of 1 to 5. 1 for I strongly disagree and five strongly agree

Statement Strongly disagree Disagree Agree Strongly agree

Doctors should not treat patients using new technologies.

the quality and accessibility of current health care pediatric facilities are excellent Telehealth has significantly reduced the burden of care for people with different chronic conditions. We serve many people per day that we could serve in hospitals because we can offer faster responses online.

Please tell me all the illnesses, chronic conditions, comorbidities, and any other ailments that members of your family and you have experienced in the last 18 months.

If I tell you that the risk of using telemedicine is similar to participating in a soccer game, how safe would you feel?

Very Safe ------------------------------------------------------------ Not safe at all

Last question! What is your current income?

Ok, one more... What is your sex? Male Female

How long have you been using telehealth?

Would you like to see more government support and investment in telehealth

Would you recommend telehealth to people?

Thank you for your time.

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