Research Proposal Essay on Dreams

Published: 2022-05-19
Research Proposal Essay on Dreams
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Research Topic Introduction, Projected value, and style Documentation

The topic that I have decided to research on is dreams. A dream is a sequence of thoughts that come to people's mind while asleep. I have been interested in both my dreams and for other people, especially in association to what they represent psychologically to dreamers. Even though it seems difficult to research content of dreams and their meanings due to various reasons, it is impossible to trigger a dream and also difficult to make them happen before sleep. Therefore, in this study, there is no independent variable to be relied on. On the other hand, on dependent variables, you can't watch the progress of a dream and also dreamers can't report as they happen and hence no main evidence on the dependent variable which is the dream. The best way to research a dream is by analyzing its content. A little over one year ago, I underwent a tremendous loss when my three cross friends passed away in a road accident. In less than a month, a relative got murdered. In dealing with my suffering, I had distractions from a painful dream. After the accident, I realized my dream had become emotional and had a role in my thoughts on the following day. The very first night I dreamt with my late friends, I was sharing with them how the accident affected me since they were always on my side, even though I couldn't spot them. In the morning I felt that my depressions had washed away. I went ahead and checked my book analysis for dreams. I found the supposed inner meaning from the first book on meeting the deceased, that I would have a long life. I succeeded in finding a book for analysis of dreams. In this book, it meant that everything was going to be a change for better and there was a fortune in store. From this moment I realized that books for analyzing dreams have different ideas on what a dream is.

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The topic of research I have selected is appropriate in dream analysis and content; it requires an undergraduate level of understanding the theories of the research. Readers must be able to find out the semi-complicated theory of brain functions and psychology. In every source have accessed (Journals, books, articles), have information related to my topic of study. However, I desire to study on dreams and theories used to analyze dreams (Mattoon, 209). I have enough interest to carry out the project up to the end.

The style documentation that has selected for my study is the MLA format. The documentation style seems appropriate for my topic of study since dreaming gets associated with psychology. A dream is an image that psychologically triggers in people's mind.

Research Questions and working hypothesis

Research questions that I wish to pursue are: what are dreams? , What are the functions of dreams mainly? And is dream evaluation accurate?

My working hypothesis is that dreams are images in mind that are produced by our brains while asleep to help us understand our feelings and emotions better. Most factors of analyzing dreams are not accurate due to various factors influencing dream contents and don't take into account when the dream gets interpreted.

The objective of the study

The main aim of selecting this topic is to get knowledge of theories on dream functions. By using this topic as a subject for my research, I will get engulfed in a variety of information on dreams, and it's my belief everybody can benefit from acknowledging their dreams. I will also find out if all people dream, how often they dream, why they don't always recall their dreams and the origin of dream analysis (Mattoon, 209).

I will search for solutions to my questions in various ways, from different places. COCC Library has produced many sources which are appropriate to my research. An internet site has important information for dreams and analysis of dreams. I have collected enough information to support 75% of my research, especially from secondary sources. A lot of my paper will be based on research from the book, "To catch a Dream" and "Sleep and Dream."


Represents different methods used to acquire information or to collect data. In this study, a survey has to be conducted to different people since some have a journal for their dreams they have kept. I am planning to design an implemented survey for my fellow students from the college asking them to describe a recent dream they had, give possible reasons for their dreams and suggest on their psychological interpretation meaning. This survey will act as my main primary source of information. I will analyze obtained information in my two analyses books for dreams and compare with the student's interpretation of dreams.


A dream is a sequence of thoughts that comes into people's mind while sleep, it cannot be experimented in research due to various reasons. To make an individual dream or report a dream while happening it's very difficult. Past experiments on the study of dreams, tells that most of the outcomes are trivial and experiments cannot be carried out to study dreams (Arkins & Antrous, 35). Also in this topic, there is no dependent and independent variable since you can't watch dreamers during sleep. My desire to research on this study is being interested to know why do people dream and the functions of dreams. I also, want another reader to gain interest in understanding their dreams with their interpretations.

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