Research Proposal Paper Sample: Developing a Prevention Plan for Possession of Dangerous Drugs

Published: 2022-07-19
Research Proposal Paper Sample: Developing a Prevention Plan for Possession of Dangerous Drugs
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Identifying And Gathering Relevant Data

My research topic will be "developing a prevention plan for Possession of dangerous drugs." I have chosen this topic because possession of dangerous drugs is among the most common types of criminal behavior in the united states and the world in general. In this case, a dangerous drug is any narcotic including cocaine, anabolic steroids, prescription medications, amphetamines, methamphetamine and hallucinogens except marijuana. Possession and use of any of these drugs are considered a felony offense in most states in America. Thus it will be an active topic of research.

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I will come up with a practical approach to reduce this crime which seems to have affected many nations across the world using evidence from different countries. According to research, implementing and supporting effective crime preventive measures, policies and programs can contribute substantially to safer and secure societies because they reduce the rate of crime significantly. Besides, an active- strategized intervention against criminal behavior can contribute to sustainable development in communities.

To develop a preventive plan for possession of dangerous drugs, I will follow a five-stage procedure. The first step will be to establish a crime profile, which will help me identify the types of dangerous medications affecting the area of study, to determine the main focus of my strategy. I will then research various hazardous drug possession approaches applied before, the ones that have been proposed and never been implemented and a few that I think can work. After this, I will negotiate for support from different agencies that have a significant impact on the crime. Finally, I will develop a desirable action plan for the criminal behavior.

The developed prevention intervention plan will be expected to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Reduce the possession of dangerous drugs and its dangers to the community
  • Increase in community safety and security.
  • Increased support for victims charged for felony due to dangerous drug possession and after that released.
  • Reduce stigma among criminals who have served their sentence and returned to the society as changed people.

The following resources will be useful in executing my research.


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