Research Proposal Paper Sample on Business Mergers and Acquisitions

Published: 2022-09-29
Research Proposal Paper Sample on Business Mergers and Acquisitions
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Background to the research

According to business research carried out by the 20Th century. This research was used to discover any new business facts as one of the processes in which one helps in the clarification was done already (Greene, 2017). The research was aimed to encourage the business's organizations very where in the world to encourage the mergers and acquisition process. The research also tries to examine the main factors and also the incentive of some of the basic in which the acquisition and the merger process has been a frequent strategy for the expansion of the business industry. The research also discusses all the challenges that the firms come across while they are engaging in their business activity

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The significance of the study

The research will be of major significance in finding out some of the significant factors that help companies to engage in the acquisition process and the merge process (Prentice, 2017). Which is the primary process any business would have to take when considering the acquisition process? The research will also help in finding out why most businesses use the merge and the acquisition process as an expansion business strategy.

Statement of the purpose

The main purpose of this particular study is to find out the factors that help in encouraging businesses to involve in mergers and acquisitions (Norton, 2015). The research was going to give the evaluation to the different growth rate in business and the expansion strategies used in most business. The research will also take a deep dig at the factors that encourage any business, in general, to involve in the M&A process.

Aim and objective

The research paper is going to help business companies which are planning to be involved in the Acquisition and mergers. Thought this research business will understand the factors that have been taken to consideration when one goes for the mergers and the acquisition process. The research also explains all the benefit of Acquisition and merge. And the party which can be involved in the acquisition and the merge process.

Research questions

  1. What are some of the main factors which affect any business to apply the acquisition and merge process and a business strategy?
  2. What are the other expansion strategies available internationally?
  3. What are the main benefits of using the merge and the acquisition process?


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