Concept Proposal Essay Example: Vancouver Sports Hotel

Published: 2019-11-25
Concept Proposal Essay Example: Vancouver Sports Hotel
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The goal of Vancouver Sports Hotel is to provide an exquisite experience for the hockey-loving residents of Vancouver. Our mission would be to provide our guests with an environment where they can spend their free time, relax, watch sports, and learn how to play hokey. This would be a valuable experience for the visitors, as everything would be provided not only for the adults but also for teens who are interesting in playing hockey.

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Canada is considered one of the tourist attraction countries and which has experienced continued political stability and safety. As such, the country ranks among the best in terms of the attraction of tourists as well as foreign investors. The 24-hour economy that is based in most parts of the country ensures that the business would be opened throughout. Canada has a very low tax regime, which makes it easier for investors in the hotel to access the market. As such, organizations in the food and beverage industry charge low prices to the customers making it easy for guests to visit the country for their holidays. The inhabitants benefit from this tax regime and are, therefore, fundamental sources of customer clientele for the Vancouver foods and beverage organizations. Everything has been digitalized in Vancouver with guests from any part of the world being able to book for their services online. Additionally, most of the rooms in the hospitality industry have been fitted with TVs and can access Wi-Fi that makes them have a good experience in Vancouver.

Downtown Vancouver is not only considered a commercial hub but also financial and cultural center for the city of Vancouver. As such, it is easy to establish whether a new business in the area would recuperate the initial investment and hence ensure that profits are made in the shortest time possible. In our case, we will deploy forecast from financial analysts to determine the time that the initial capital would be recuperated and profits made. Our business being a sports restaurant where people would be able to enjoy hospitality and watch their favorite games and play hockey, it would be easy for those nearby to recognize the hotel. Additionally, the location on the rooftop would ensure that we can be seen from far by the customers. Despite these advantages, we have, we lack an established brand name that would be able to compete with the other businesses in the city. As such, there is a need for a vigorous marketing of our concept. Specifically, we will need to use the social media to advertise our services as this will ensure that our organization is known worldwide. Downtown Vancouver has experienced immeasurable commercial growth and is known for its commercial attractiveness. As such, Sports Hotel would benefit by exploiting the opportunities arising from this. Additionally, the location of city close to the ocean makes it ideal, as leisure visitors will be able to view the ocean from the hotel. The increasing number of events in the city including cultural activities and tourists events makes certain that the city gets very many visitors every year. Additionally, many Vancouver sports personalities are renowned for their prowess in hockey. As such, Sports Hotel would take advantage of offering guests an opportunity to play the game and for their children to get training on how to professionally play hockey.

The success of Sports Hotel will be determined by how the concept would stand out from the others of our competitors. As such, we have recognized that the health and physical fitness of the residents of Vancouver as well as all people throughout the world is critical. That is why we have come out with the concept of incorporating a restaurant, gym and spa, and hockey training in the same building. The increasing concern for the effects of obesity arising from lack of inactivity has motivated this concept, as the health of the people will be maintained. Sports Hotel makes a combination of leisure with benefits of physical activity making it a perfect place for those wishing to stay healthy and enjoy themselves. The same concept has been successful in Ottawa and it is our optimistic believe that this valuable concept will result in tremendous success.

Many people visit Vancouver every year for tourists activities and leisure. As such, the major target of this Sports Hotel would be the tourists because they have a tremendous influence in the hospitality industry. Specifically, couples who intend to maintain their health and have fun-playing hockey would be the target of this concept. Many travelers from around the world come to Vancouver looking for adventures and fun. Additionally, the increasing demand for hotels that not only offer quality services but also incorporate healthy activities makes Sports Hotel an ideal organization. The location of the hotel at the rooftop would ensure that it is visible and hence attract a huge customer clientele. Indeed, the modern design of the hotel as well as the contemporary equipment for physical activity would be ideal for the working class and freelancers.

The use of a franchise would be of huge benefit to Sports Hotel. This is because there will be a quick attraction of the customers who have already established themselves with the products of the franchise. As such, it will take a shorter time for our organizations to pick up and start making profits. However, the disadvantage of this is that some of the decisions will be slow to make, as we will have to consult with the franchise. In future, we will strive to be independent so that we will not have to consult about any issue concerning the business of Sports Hotel with others.

Statistics based on our extensive research shows that demand for hotels is on the rise in Vancouver. As such, the revenues and profits of organizations in the food and beverage industry are on a rise. Specifically, the upper class in which Sports Hotel seeks to serve is the category that has the highest profits in Vancouver. As such, our concept would attract many customers from the upper and luxury class making it a very profitable organization in the end.

The proposed Sports Hotel will have 50 large size rooms. Most of the buildings in Vancouver are expansive hence; we will just take two floors of the building. As such, the costs of renting the building would be low despite the expected high rates of profitability. This is based on the average occupancy of such a hotel in Vancouver as well as location of the hotel and its ability to attract people from different classes and diverse cultures. The location of the hotel in the rooftop with big rooms would offer the visitors a memorable experience. Indeed, the fifty rooms would be sufficient for the bar, gym and spa, and the hockey training.

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