Free Paper Sample: Research Proposal on Waste Management

Published: 2022-06-27
Free Paper Sample: Research Proposal on Waste Management
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The research proposal will be undertaken in the industry partner referred to as Silver Spoon Restaurant. The organization has been in the industry for thirty years and occupied a land area of five hectares. It is in the food industry and provides food of different varieties to the patronizing consumers. It also has boarding facilities for the clients on holiday and is famous across the country, India. Its shares are on top government officials. The number of employees in the restaurant is over three hundred in number and operates in shifts, with the daytime and nighttime employees fully aware of their duties. It thus facilitates the 24-hour operation of the restaurant. There are both elite, and subordinate employees in the organization and their duties are distributed according to the qualification. It is also an international company with branches in other countries to enable the dispensation of the international clients in their respective countries of origin. I am connected to the organization by a former employee who served for six years in the office of the cashier. I am thus well versed with the operations of the organization, its staff, the environment, and the frequent patronage levels and types.

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My research field is on the Human Resource Management quota. I am researching waste management in the organization. It is because there are the concerns about the environmental safety and conservation authorities and the locals on how the wastes from the firm are not given the proper dues required. In this case, the industry is facing an impasse regarding the appropriate management and disposal of its wastes and the source of the menace is not adequately established. Thus, it is on the spotlight by the government, the locals and the environmental non-governmental organizations owing to its poor disposal of the wastes generated therein. The research project will specifically explore the problem regarding the management system concerned with the disposition of the wastes and its responsibility. In this way, the responsible body for the disposal of the industrial wastes is established; the root of its slacking established and amended for the betterment of the future waste disposal etiquette.

The research questions are; what is the department responsible for the disposal of the wastes? Who are the specific individuals tasked with the collection and disposal of the industrial wastes? Why is it not carrying on its responsibility? What needs are the potential solutions to resolve the problem? What is the fittest option to be undertaken to solve the problem? What is the strategy that can get adapted to in incorporating the solution towards the solution of the problem? What are the resources that can be mobilized to ensure the issue is resolved?

Keywords- waste, degradation, pollution, disposal, management, conservation, and preservation (Kiran, et al. 2015. P 24).

Company letter

Drake Sylvester

Silver Spoons Restaurant

P.O Box 45654,

New Delhi

To; Chuck Brian,

Theta Institute,

P.O Box, 45

New Delhi.

Dear Sir,


Following your application dated 15th July 2018 seeking permission to research waste management in our organization, I was able to summon the responsible stakeholders in the day that followed to discuss the matter and deliberate on the resultant resolution.

You are at this moment approved to come and conduct your research in our institution. What is expected of you is due adherence to the rules and regulations of the place. You are highly welcome. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Drake Sylvester,



Abdullah, N.K., Sakawi, Z. and Ismail, L., 2014. The Perception of the Langkawi Community on Solid Waste Management. Current World Environment, 9(2), pp.237-243.

Kiran, K.G., Kini, S., Ravi, K., Santhosh, N.P. and Kiran, N.U., 2015. KAP study of solid waste disposal of households in Kuttar & Manjanadi Panchayath covered under gramaskhema programme of KS Hegde Medical Academy. Nitte University Journal of Health Science, 5(3), p.29.

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