Research Proposal Paper Sample on the High Turnover Rate Issue

Published: 2022-08-26
Research Proposal Paper Sample on the High Turnover Rate Issue
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Description of Research Problem

In the recent past, companies have found themselves incurring a huge loss in their business operations. It was found to be a result of increased employee's turnover. It has been a sensitive issue as it is almost resulting in the closure of the firm's operations. A research was conducted to ascertain the possible reasons that could have led to the high turnover and the subsequently increased expenditure in restoring the optimal situation. Several employees in various companies were surveyed about the matter, a detailed report was collected, and the ways that could help reduce the high turnover in the company's noted down.

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The research problem was got from a business situation where companies were experiencing a high turnover rate. The case of increased employees having to leave their work was unhealthy in a business setting. This case results to companies having to spend a lot in trying to retain back their employees. Therefore, the study of the possible reasons that could have led to the situation, and the possible solution to it are very vital.


The dependent variables that are involved in this research paper pertaining the high turnover rate in business include factors such as; lack of commitment in the workplace, dissatisfaction by employees about their job, and job-related stress. The other part of independent variables that are associated in the case of high turnover in accompanying includes the following; welfare benefits, compensation packages, personal satisfaction, compensation, organisational culture, employee engagement, job security, relationship with their supervisor and other job colleagues, and lastly job autonomy. (Miller-Cochran, et al. 2014)

Other forms of moderating variables that were put under study were also analysed. They are variables that tend to influence the strength of the relationship between the dependent and independent variable. The moderating variables play a big role in this case as they help in the creating a harmonious scenario in the whole process of reducing the turnover. The moderating variable includes; giving employees flexible hours, improving on their health benefits, providing of competitive salaries and providing them with stock options.

Dependent variables are the factors that are directly involved in the creation of the situation under research. They are the presumed effect to the increased turnover and which the research analyses is directly investigating to provide possible solutions to them. On the other hand, independent variables illustrate the factors that can be applied or put into practices to help solve the problem at hand. They are the variables that a researcher manipulates to help change the dependent variables to a better situation.


A company is constantly incurring huge losses as a result of high turnover with the employees.

The owners have no ideal reason of why their employees are leaving the firm, and the owner's life depends on the investment.

It is absurd and dangerous.


Survey - a random method of collection of the data necessary in the determination of the factors that led to the increased turnover was conducted. Some employees in that firm were surveyed online while those that were easily assessable were provided with questionnaires in response to the situation. The subjects gave relevant responses that would be useful in the research process.

Sampling - employees that had left the company were questioned on the reasons that led to their departure. It also involved the possible measures that if the company took would make them consider coming back. The other employees that remained also were asked on the relevance f the situation. The research was productive as the subject's respondent positively while others for some reasons shun away from us.

Planed Division Of Work

The researchers on this case were instructed to check on the literature references to study of the other similar cases that are filed. It was in a bid to look into the process and the most relevant approach that could help with the current case at hand. Another personnel had the mandate to provide the subjects with relevant questionnaires that would help in the research process. Checking into the book of accounts and records of the company was also an option to them. Data collection and analysis was to be conducted by a certain group in two weeks, and the presentation of report and findings dine in the next one week.


It was established that the supervisors greatly violated work ethics and therefore this led to some employees leaving their workstation. The other case was with the salaries where the employees were underpaid and therefore needed a change in that case. Supervisor to employee's relation need be improved, and the organisational culture looked upon to help stop such cases in the future. High turnover is a scenario that can lead to fall of a business. Therefore, owners and managers need to investigate the matter and initiate relevant measures necessary.


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