Positive Human Rights Violations among UN Members States - Research Proposal Paper Sample

Published: 2022-04-20
Positive Human Rights Violations among UN Members States - Research Proposal Paper Sample
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What exactly would you like to find out?

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The researcher aims to find out why there has been an increase in cases of positive human rights violations among UN members states. The researcher will find out what can be done to improve positive human rights. Finally, the researcher aims to find out what the UN has done so far to minimize such violations.

How would you do that?

The researcher will accomplish this by using explanatory research design where a sample of UN members' states will be selected using stratified random sampling. Secondary data and theories will be used to support the research.


There are two divisions of human rights namely; positive and negative human rights. Some examples of positive human rights include rights to food, shelter, healthcare, and social security (Ramcharan, 2013). Violation of positive human rights has been on the rise because the report done by United Nations Development program indicated that more than 45% of the respondent feels their positive Human rights were violated (United Nations Development Program, 2018).

The underlying cause violation of positive human rights among the UN member states may be attributed to ignorance and lack of awareness (Barnidge, 2016). Some of the theories that explain this include cultural relativism theory, cultural imperialism, and descriptive moral relativism. Also, Meta-ethical moral relativism theory helps to explain the reason for such increase in positive human rights violation. In 1948, the United Nation had their first achievement in declaring of the Human Rights under their General Assembly (United Nations, 1998). Human Rights are the empowerment to or not to do certain actions or the empowerment to make others not to do some actions (Conte, & Burchill, 2016).


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