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Published: 2017-12-12 13:38:32
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Project Overview

The project focuses on providing computer replacement programs for both the working and the failing computers in Hunsell High Tech computers with the Dells computer. Considering technical evaluation focusing on all technical evaluation criteria, service evaluation, the specification and final analysis Dell Company has won the recommendation for the high capacity computers in meeting both the hardware and software requirement. This will technically resolve the companies technical failure, enable faster and reliable receiving and delivery of  customers orders  and even permits the easy upgrade of  the existing operating system and office suite. Since the computers are the indispensible tool for carrying out major task of the company, which is creating database information for other companies, forty computers will be needed will be incorporated in the acquisition policy.

Project aim

The aim of this project is to purposefully solve the failing computer problem in Hunsell High Tech Company through introducing specific Dell computers .Dell Company will be the recommended vendor who will deliver the perfect specification since other companies were disqualified during the evaluation of the responses. Hunsell High Tech Company is a data entry company that is specialized in creating databases information for other companies of a local data-entry company that specializes in creating databases of information for other companies. Over the past few months, several computers in the company have failed, and the management has noticed that employees can’t get work done without those computers. Due to inconveniency experienced by the company as a result of computers failure, acquiring Dell computer will be the solution to the problem.

Project objectives

1. To control and govern effective, purchase, administration, maintenance, and invoicing of forty dell computers for Hunsell High Tech Company.

2. To ensure all the computers are allocated in a fiscally responsible manner.

3. To offer allocation criteria pertaining to the computers

4. To outline the procedure to be used for procurement

5. To outline end of life cycle procedure in reference to recycling

6. To create a report on the system life span, budget and the replacement cycles to users department.

Project sustainability

The shareholders and the procurement committee is proposing for a four year life cycle for the dell standard computer. The computer will be of high capacity and will be used by all staffs and the technical staffs who will be requiring additional processing power in their computer. With the requirement of Microsoft t 10 Operating System, 12 GB of RAM (memory), 400 GB of internal storage, the technology cost will be reduced and an effective operation will be maintained. The life cycle doesn’t have the  greatest impact when it comes to the general budget, it’s able to provide a balance between soft and hard cost , for over a period of five the  budget reduction will be $ 9,0000 with the total budget for acquisition of forty computers  will be $18000.the whole process will take two months.


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