Thesis Proposal Sample on the Theme of Open Exchange

Published: 2022-07-20
Thesis Proposal Sample on the Theme of Open Exchange
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Proposed Topic: Open Exchange

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Topic Characteristics:

My thesis will focus on open exchange. To understand what an open exchange is and how it works, one has to know what an ad exchange is first. Ad exchanges form the core of programmed advertisement. They are designed to improve the efficiency of the digital and by making it more transparent and consistent for both advertisers and publishers. An ad exchange is, therefore, a digital platform where publishers sell ads while advertisers purchase them through a bidding process in real time. Publishers use ad exchanges to make ad impressions available in the market (Gallagher, et al., 2015). They use a Supply-Side Platform (SSP) software to sell ads by coupling various ad exchanges with their inventories. If the publisher target matches the publisher inventory, the highest bidder wins the ad impression.

In light of that, an open exchange is an outdoor marketplace where a large number of advertisers can bid to buy ad impressions from aggregated inventory either programmatically or manually. The design of the bidding process ensures that every publisher receives the highest possible value of their stock, thus maximizing revenue. What it has is beneficial to advertisers because it removes intermediaries who may sometimes be unreliable and costly. The free exchange analyses the bids placed by all the advertisers then matches them with aggregated inventory. Upon finding a suitable match, the highest bidder wins the ad impression. Research shows that Ad exchange has transformed the technology industry regarding transparency as the advertisers can now see the entire publisher inventory range the same way publishers know who the buyers are. However, the practice has raised several concerns including environmental and sustainability issues, the complexity of the technology and the threat of ad blockers to mention but a few. Many scholars have affirmed that its benefits outweigh its challenges so more research should be carried out to find more effective ways to conduct the bidding process (Fazey, et al., 2013).


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Gallagher, J., Orcutt, J., Simpson, P., Wright, D., Pearlman, J., & Raymond, L. (2015). Facilitating the open exchange of data and information. Earth Science Informatics, 8(4), 721-739.

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