Free Essay with Research Proposal on Psychology Movies

Published: 2020-06-18
Free Essay with Research Proposal on Psychology Movies
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Background and Rationale

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My name is Mike Aryan; a resident of London, UK. I am an on-going student at Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, and an alumnus of Accounting (aat L3)

Westminster College and the Islamic Azad University (Boshehr Branch), Boshehr, Iran, where I pursued B.A Drama (Dramatic Literature) GPA: 14.82/20. My proposal research on the effect of psychology movies on the audience is as a result of my proficiency in matters of theatre arts. I have expansive knowledge in fundamentals of film directorship, drama history, principles and techniques of play writing, and metaphorology among others.

Background and issues of my research

Psychology movies have become quite prevalent in the present day world of art. There are a number of upcoming artistes who have resorted to choreographing this type of movies following the enthusiasm with which the target audience receives them. However the main issues are that most people from the expansive audience lack the requisite skill of analysing the psychology movies to draw the intended lessons. Due to this deprivation of adequate knowledge, majority have ended up misinterpreting these movies in their own diverse versions thereby corrupting the underlying meaning and significance of the movie.

What are your aims and objectives?

My interest in researching Psychology Cinema during my Film Studies at UCL University for PhD, is to investigate the possible ways of assisting the audience to acquire relevant skills of interpreting the psychology movies. I also wish to establish the driving force of artists behind their choreographs that are inclined on the psychology movies other than other genre. This research will approximately take me two months of collecting of relevant data as well as analysing, presenting and drawing valid conclusions. Thereafter, I shall be obliged to make compilations and write a report to the relevant authorities.

The parameters and why I have chosen them

The parameters for my research will entail time of collection of data from respondents as well as the extent to which I should go in data collection. Some film shows are very restrictive when it comes to conducting research activities. I chose these parameters because I know how tricky it may be and therefore it calls for proper prior planning before I commence the research work.

Clear and defined research question (s)

Some of the research questions that I shall be obliged to use are as follows:

Do psychology movies pose a threat to the psychological wellbeing of the audience or not? Is the audience of psychological movies aware of the effects of the movies to their psychological wellbeing? Do other movie genres have similar effect to the audience as psychological movies? All these questions should be answered within the first two weeks during the collection of data from assorted respondents.

Description of my theoretical framework and methodological approach

My research will commence with the formulation of hypotheses as well as review of objectives. Thereafter, I shall seek permission from relevant authorities in places where I purpose to conduct my research. The questionnaires will be very necessary as well as assembling all the required tools and equipment required for the research. As such, I shall also prepare a comprehensive work schedule that would direct me during my research work. This framework is best suited to my topic because the data to be collected needs to be collected from diverse sources; the movie theatres which are located in different locations. Therefore a comprehensive plan for the research work is very necessary for that matter.

Theoretical and research issues related to your research question

According to the research questions, the issues may arise from the respondents lacking adequate knowledge to provide satisfactory answers to the research questions. This may be as a result of dominant sub-conscious mind in some audience which makes it hard for them to have a clear view of the matter. As such some respondents may become uncooperative and perhaps arrogant especially if they realize that their ample time for watching is being interfered with.

Sources / data that I shall use

Samples of psychological movies

Samples of other movie genres

Movies books and periodicals

Review journals about movie analysis

Oral interviews and observation

Activities necessary for the completion of your project

Seeking permission from the relevant target movies theatres

Conducting reconnaissance with the target movie theatres to carry out a survey on what can possibly be done during the research time.

Hold discussions with the associate researchers in the project to share roles and review the hypotheses and objectives.

Formulation of questionnaires that would guide in collection of data from different respondents.

Assembling of necessary research documentations.

Preparation of work schedule that would be the roadmap towards the successful research work.

Selection of the requisite research tools such as tape recorders, movie makers, projectors, microphones, and alike.

Ethical considerations in this research work

While undertaking this research I shall restrain myself from intruding peoples private lives. The kind of questions that I intend to use should address issues related to the research questions alone other than other issues related to personal lives. Besides, the research is not meant to correct the audience or the movie operators but rather to unravel the mysteries revolving around the research questions.

How realistic my project is in practical terms

This project is concerned about the extent to which the psychological movies in impacting the audience across the movie industry. The project therefore is aimed at establishing the implications to the current generations and make projection of the trend to the future generations. From the findings, I shall make recommendations to the concerned parties to take subsequent remedial steps in case the implications would be dire.

A brief analytic discussion of the scholarly research to date on my topic

To date, there has not been any scholarly research on this topic which could serve as the benchmark for my research. This happens to be the first time the concerns about the impact of psychological movies is being raised. I hope my research will suffice to salvage the movie industry from total disrepute following the negative effects that percolate to the audience through such genres as psychological movies.

The current state of my field

Currently, there are little or no meaningful regulatory measures in this field of movie industry. Most dealers in the industry are much more concerned with commercial gains rather than the dignity of viewers together with their moral and emotional wellbeing. More values have therefore been sacrificed on the altar of business profits.

Acknowledge the main contributors in this field

The main contributors in this field are the movie makers, the cast, the script writers and movies directors. More so, the target audience also matter most because without them no choreography will be relevant.

Ways in which my research will create valuable and useful knowledge

From this research, the recommendations will form the basis for which the concerned parties will stipulate measure to curb the dire implications of the psychological movies. The finds will determine the seriousness that these parties will give the research and how expeditious they will craft the resolutions.

A brief statement on my particular qualifications

I am a holder of B.A Drama (Dramatic Literature) GPA: 14.82/20, from the Islamic Azad University (Boshehr Branch), Boshehr, Iran. Currently pursuing PhD at Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College since September 2012, accounting (aat L3)

Westminster College. My previous degrees have given me the necessary knowledge of the field, discipline, and methodologies I require to accomplish this project fruitfully. The research training I will need to undertake at UCL University is on Film Studies particularly the analytical studies into the essence of specific movies that trend in the society.

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