Research Proposal Paper Sample: Management in the Hospitality Industry

Published: 2022-03-04
Research Proposal Paper Sample: Management in the Hospitality Industry
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The study has the objective of determining the factors that influence the level of customer satisfaction and the link between service demands in the hospitality sector and customer satisfaction levels. This indicates that different hotel establishments can learn on improving the customer satisfaction through committing more resources towards the customer demands and hence improving consumer satisfaction levels. The study is also expected to highlight on the different dimensions that influence customer satisfaction. The reliability dimension, for instance, has a different impact in comparison to the Empathy, Tangibility or any other dimensions attached to service demands (Goldsmith, 2014).

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The study has various limitations, which are expected to affect the entire process and its relevance to the study area. First, this study involves a limited circle since it majored on specific hotels. In this case, it might not be generalized to other hospitality establishments. In this case, further studies need to consider examining similar variables but include hotels or hospitality establishments within a larger circle. These hotels need to cut across other major categories in regards to the number of clients served or booked, size or concentrate on a specific location. The second limitation is that the study fails to make a comparison of the client views and employees in relation to service demands and how satisfaction levels can be enhanced. Further studies need to gaps in ratings of customers and the employees in order to ascertain what the internal management can do to remedy the gaps. The study also fails to find factors that extremely affect customer satisfaction levels. In this case, therefore, upcoming studies need to check if there are specific factors that can extremely affect the level of customer satisfaction.


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