Once the break is over, it is hard to return to your studies after crazy parties and movie marathons. However, the beginning of a new semester does not mean that your life has to become boring. We have compiled the list of ten ideas how to stay on top of your academic life.

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      Get 15 percent OFF by saying thanks on social mediaOn 2017-03-30 18:09:55 by Speedy Paper

      A simple way to save money ordering with SpeedyPaper

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        Early to Bed, Early to Rise..On 2017-02-22 14:09:55 by Speedy Paper

        Getting up has never been a pleasant experience whatsoever, but doing that after sleepless summer nights seems impossible. Here some morning mood boosters and lifehacks that can help you not to look like one of those zombies from "Walking Dead" series.

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          The Speedest of the WorldOn 2017-02-22 14:09:55 by Speedy Paper

          Do you remember those times when you were sitting in the classroom desperately trying to understand why the Earth was constantly moving, how scientists were successful in defining the speed of light if you simply could not stand those boring Physics classes?

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            Did We Miss the Start of the Learning Revolution?On 2017-02-22 14:09:55 by Speedy Paper

            You may not even notice, but the education revolution has already started. As appealing as it may sound, everything new always involves both positive and negative aspects. Even though the newly introduced problem-based and mobile learning will change the way we see universities and high schools, students still care more about their academic performance, rather than about the knowledge they demonstrate. Despite all the difficulties you may come across if dare to look outside the formal education, you will eventually see its efficiency and power.

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