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Research proposal
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TAQ 2:

 Rationale: There is a need to establish if there is a relationship between personality and stress. It has to been established that people with different personalities have different susceptibilities to stress. An establishment that a relationship between personality and stress exists will be important in coming up with specific with regard to stress and personality.

 Word count for Part a): 56 words

 To establish a relationship that exists between personality and stress

 Word count for Part b): 11 words

 Relationship between personality and stress

 TAQ 3:




Assessment criteria

[Table for you to complete]


What is your title?

Relationship between personality and stress


What is the themeyou are investigating?

I am investigating a relationship that exists between individuals’ personalities and their susceptibility to develop stress


What is your aim?

To establish a relationship that exists between personality and stress




Assessment criteria

[Table for you to complete]

2.1, 2.2,




What will be your experimental/non-experimental research method, and why? (Experiment/ Observation/Survey etc.). Justify your answer.

I will use survey as my research method. Given that I will be collecting self-reported data from my study participants, survey is the appropriate research method to use for my study.

What is your Alternate/Experimental hypothesis?

A relationship exists between personality and stress

What is your Null hypothesis?

A relationship does not exist between personality and stress

Is your hypothesis directional / non-directional? Justify your answer.

The hypothesis is directional. This is because the hypothesis suggests that a relationship exists between personality and stress.

Are there any EV’s to take into consideration?

There are no EV’s to take into consideration during the study.

Confounding variables and limitations: do you think there may be any limitations within your research project which you cannot control for?

Honesty/ dishonesty of the research participants is the limitations within the study that I may be able not to control.

What ethical issues will you need to consider and why?

Informed consent will be respected during the study.




 [Table for you to complete]

How will you select your sample?(Opportunity, random etc.)

I will use random sampling to select my study participants.


How many participants will be required to gain a sufficient amount of data?  That means in order to conduct a statistical test.

200 participants will be required to gain a sufficient amount of data

What will the age range/gender be?

Age range: 18-75 years


Number of  males 92

Age range: 18-75 years


Number of females 108

How will participants be allocated to each condition?

Participants will be allocated to each condition by being given freedom to respond to the questions





 [Table for you to complete]

What do you need to help you collect the data?(E.g. questionnaire, record sheet etc.)


Are they reliable and valid tools? How can you establish this?






Questionnaires are valid research tools. A questionnaire helps a researcher to measure what he or she intended to measure.





 [Table for you to complete]

Where will the study take place?


The study will take place online

How will you carry out the study?


Questionnaires will be developed that will ensure that everything that is intended to be measured is measured. The questionnaires will then be administered online to the respondents.

How will you collect and record the data?


Data will be collected and recorded using Survey Monkey software




 [Table for you to complete]

How will you analyse the descriptive data (mean, median, mode, SD and range?)


Data will be analysed using SPSS software

How will you present your data? Will you use any of the following:


graphs/bar charts?


Data will be presented by use of tables and bar charts

What will be the level of data collected and why?(Nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio).


The  level of data that will be collected for the study is ordinal data level

Which statistical test would you intend to use and why?

(Chi-Squared, T-test etc.)


Wilcoxon-Mann Whitney test is the statistical test that I will use for the data. I will use the statistical test because it does evaluate the difference between two treatments by use of data from an independent measures design.




Word count (total word count for TAQ 3):




[Remember to use the Harvard Referencing System]

Fowke, R. (2010). Personality and stress. Surrey, CWR.


John, O. P., Robins, R. W., & Pervin, L. A. (2008). Handbook of personality: theory and research. New York, Guilford Press.








TAQ 4:


New aim:

To investigate what makes some individuals more susceptible to stress than others


New research question:


What makes some individuals more susceptible to stress than other individuals?



TAQ 5:


Timeframe Log  












Development of research questions and hypothesis

10 days









Sampling and selecting of study participants


20 days








Questionnaire Development



15 days







Questionnaire administration





20 days






Data collection






30 days

20 days




Data analysis








28 days

20 days












25 days



Word count: 740 words



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