Research Proposal Essay Sample: Uniform Policy Change

Published: 2022-07-25
Research Proposal Essay Sample: Uniform Policy Change
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BACKGROUND: On July 2015 a meeting was held to get the status of things in the various departments within the Miami-Dale schools Police Department. The gathering was explicitly for the ones employed by the department to air their views on any problems that they could be facing intending to get solutions to the same. In attendance were all the top sergeants and the ones who had been there in the previous list and the ones that were currently serving. The subject of discussion was the uniform policy change where the members of the staff wanted to use the vest differently as compared to the way that is used currently. The matter to be addressed is shifting the wearing of the uniform from inside to outside rather than the inner system.

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The participants started by appreciating the fact that they were using vest contrary to the members of the police force in other regions who were still debating about being allowed to use the same. They were not only happy but also felt contented in their day to day work when they had as part of their uniform the addition of the tactical police outer vest carrier (Reppetto, 2012). The choice of having an inner or an external vest carrier system is one topic that has elicited so much debate. Some departments have been moving toward using one of them exclusively depending on their needs.

BENEFITS: It is critical that the advantages of using the outer vest system are listed and discussed in detail for the understanding by the policymakers. The officers are asking for the use of these mainly for the ones who are going to patrol and not necessarily for the ones who remain behind to perform other office duties. The first advantage is the ease of moving it around the body in making adjustments that will make one feel comfortable. It is easier when it is worn on top of other clothing as compared to when it is under these others clothes. There are times that there are weather changes that will make one feel uncomfortable if he is putting on warm clothes when it is hot. Hunsicker (2010) agrees that sometimes the patrol officers leave the station when it is cold, but along the way it gets too hot, it will be easy for them to remove the vest in regards to the weather and put it back on when the weather adjusts. It is advisable not to remove the jacket in public unsecured places exposing one to risk.

The outer vests have outer carriers and compartments where one can pack in other items like flashlights and radios. These items provide some additional luggage to the ones who are patrolling along the streets. Hence according to Hamilton and Alley (2009) when they are too bulky and heavy on the individual officer, it will be time for the person to reduce the luggage providing relief. The officers have different waists sizes there are those who have a broader waist that can accommodate a more significant number of items. The ones with smaller waists will only provide room for carrying fewer items as per their choice. Some of the things taken are a Taser, torch, extra magazine, mace can and baton among others.

There are those who would not like a variance from what they are used to like the traditional uniform style. They will notice that the outer vests resemble the dress shirt that they put on daily. These external vest carriers can go along with either short or long sleeved shirts providing different choices of dressing.

If an officer gets injured, the outer vest carrier will be more convenient as compared to the traditional inner one for several reasons. First, it will be easy to access first aid kits and other paraphernalia that are stored in it to administer first aid to the injured. Suppose the injuries are serious it will be easy to remove it quickly for the emergency medical person n el to address the victim (Hamilton & Alley, 2009). They can hence proceed to see the wounds easily compared to the case where he may have had an inner jacket that may have even aggrieved the individual more in attempting to access the injuries.

Sometimes the officer may be injured but in a place where he cannot be accessed easily by medical personnel. The outer jacket will provide a means through which the officer can be carried from the scene or moved to safer grounds where he can be treated or evacuated for further specialized treatment. Some handholds can be attached to the outer vest for the sake of moving him securely (Hunsicker, 2010). It would have been difficult when an inner jacket was in use which does not have straps.

DRAWBACKS: There are also some disadvantages associated with the outer vest some of which include its heaviness and the inability to be disguised. They are heavier and bulkier than the ones that are designed to be worn inside the other clothing because they have additional porches and compartments for the packing and holding of many other items. They cannot be concealed and will be announcing to everyone about the presence of the security personnel and hence will not be suitable for covert operations (Reppetto, 2012). The exposure to the enemy is sometimes dangerous because he can quickly pick you up from a group to attack. It means that one can quickly go about his business when wearing the inner vest without arousing suspicion from the rest of the people.

RECOMMENDATION: To have the outer vest replace the inner one for mostly patrol operations and for the officers who are on duty at the gate and other entry points to the station. These will follow the following format of implementation:

The decision arrived at will need to be approved for implementation in the next financial session

A steering committee will be established for the sake of having a smooth change of the vest

Identify the officers who will address and take records of any issues that arise as the for moves towards embracing the outer vests

Identify the group that will remain with inner vests due to the nature of their jobs and others will remain stored for any emergencies where the outer vest cannot be used

COST: Not known currently

ACTION: This is the implementation schedule that will be adhered to:

  • Take stock of the total current inner vest being used
  • Identify the type and hence place an order for the inner vest required
  • Come up with a schedule as they will need to be replaced in stages as they get supplied such that there is no time that the patrol officers go out without any vest
  • Take a record of the ones who will remain with inner jackets and the ones to be kept in the store



Sheri Abrams, Sergeant / Sheri Abrams, Sergeant


Robert Asencio, Lieutenant / Robert Asencio, Lieutenant


Montoya Jackson, Commander / Montoya Jackson, Commander


Gerald Kitchell, Deputy Chief / Gerald Kitchell, Deputy Chief



name, Major name, Major




name, Chief of Policename, Chief of Police




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Reppetto, T. A. (2012). American police: A history. New York: Enigma Books.

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