Thesis Proposal Example: Consortium in Developing Countries

Published: 2022-07-20
Thesis Proposal Example: Consortium in Developing Countries
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Proposed Topic: Consortium in Developing Countries

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Background of the Problem

With the reducing finances, it is it is hardly possible for a library or information center to have sufficient resources to achieve the needs of its customers. What is being delivered is only a percentage of what their customers need. Collaboration is globally acclaimed as the perfect way for libraries to tolerate the ever dynamic challenges: volume of information resources; state and quality of information; user wants and anticipations; information and communication technology competencies and infrastructure; increased expenses of information resources; and staffing needs. Even though challenges have lingered to prevail, libraries categorized under collaborative initiatives like the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) have recorded remarkable success.

The thesis will report the findings of an in-depth study to launch the aspects that resulted in the CARLI success and how such factors could be employed in libraries of developing nations like Taiwan. Stress is placed on the launch of CARLI leadership, the sharing of obligation and the process of making decision. Another aspect to be discussed is the assessment of the role and responsibility of the engaging member libraries and their impact and anticipations from the consortium.

I oppose that the lack of finances to enable consortium activities is not the primary aspect in the failed process of the orchestrated consortium activities in Taiwan. Instead, it is the absence of dedicated leadership and cooperation among the engaging libraries that is accountable for the absence of progress. In any form of firm or teamwork such as a library consortium, financing has never been sufficient because of the dynamic changes and ongoing demands from library staff. Though, proper leadership and cooperation among membership is instrumental in attaining a common agenda. Having and working towards a common agenda, under committed, dynamic and faithful leadership with an active and lively membership is instrumental in the success of a consortium.

To help in the possible enhancement of consortium operations in developing nations, I require to comprehend responsibility, leadership, collection, recruitment, policies and procedures, funding and composition of academic libraries in the engaging membership of CARLU in relation to those of Taiwan. My research will include interviews with CARLI employees and a questionnaire to all the engaging CARLI membership.

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