Enhancing Employee Well-being: A Strategic Approach to Health Benefits Implementation in the Workplace

Published: 2024-01-23
Enhancing Employee Well-being: A Strategic Approach to Health Benefits Implementation in the Workplace
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Our venerated corporation has finally decided to incorporate and initiate health and wellness benefits for our employees. This decision comes at little cost for the company and no charge for the company. Furthermore, the decision originates from the previous reports on employees' health and wellness in our company. Our main aim is to ensure that our employees enjoy benefits that help them to improve and maintain their health for maximum performance. According to Swayze and Burke-Smalley (2013), unhealthy behaviors have contributed to increased health consequences for the company, combined with increased absenteeism and reduced employee activity. Therefore, to facilitate health benefits for our employees and the cost-reduction benefits of the corporation, the company will incorporate employee fitness curriculums, open discussions for group sharing and support programs, and free leave for employees to deal with personal issues and stresses.

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The employee fitness curriculum will be complete with gyms, daily exercise breaks, and recreation parks. However, some of these benefits will be reserved for senior managers. These activities are meant to increase blood flow into the body and ensure good relations between the company's employees. According to Song and Baicker (2019), employees who are open to the elements of a workplace wellness program have higher rates of positive health behaviors than those who do not have these opportunities. These programs ensure that employees are still productive during their leisure while the company incurs an annual cost of only $20000.

The open discussions for group sharing and support programs will help the employees share issues that have caused them psychological, physical, and moral stress. These platforms will help the employees to relieve themselves from these stressors as they will receive psychological and moral support from colleagues. These programs will help employee relations as employees will learn how to interact with each other. Through these platforms, all employees try to fit into each other's shoes to help address and manage stresses under professional counselors' guidance within the organization's counseling center. The cost for facilitating this will be an estimated $15000 since the center's venues have to be secured.

The free leaves offered to employees to manage stress and personal issues will help boost employees' performance as they can focus on work activities since they have reserved time to focus on their time. Therefore, the employees will have reduced stress levels, which will increase the rates of their health and wellness. Nevertheless, this program will be the most expensive as the company will still compensate the employees on leave and at the same time find replacements. This expense will be estimated to be about $2000000.

These three benefits are feasible for the company as they are cost-effective and utterly free for the employees. At the same time, these programs help boost the wellness and health status of employees, which improves the company's performance and reduces the health-related costs accrued by the corporation. These programs will be initiated immediately and will be available to the employees after work time hours. The activities will be easily accessible to the employees, as Zula (2014) explains employees are more likely to participate in wellness activities if they are available at convenient times and places.


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