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Why do essays about domestic abuse matter?

When thinking of domestic violence, we usually imagine women suffering beatings at the hands of their husbands. However, the definition of domestic violence is much broader than you would expect. It covers every type of mistreatment and abuse, physical, psychological, emotional, financial, or otherwise, between family members or intimate partners. And while children, women, and older people are the most frequent casualties of domestic abuse, men can also suffer at the hands of their partners.

It is vital to remember that domestic abuse is not exclusive to a particular religion, class, race, or gender. People can become victims at home in homosexual and heterosexual couples. They can suffer at the hands of distant relatives or occasional sexual partners. Moreover, beatings and rape are not the extent of violence victims can experience. Abusers can belittle or threaten them, refuse them access to jobs or family income; they can bring children into the conflict or refuse their partner’s right to privacy.

The common causes of domestic violence include the lack of healthy relationship models, discriminatory behavior, substance abuse, mental issues, low emotional quotient, the lack of recrimination or punishment. In some cases, abuse can be prevented by correcting undesirable behavior, including alcoholism or substance abuse. However, other cases require outside intervention by the law enforcement authorities or social services. 

The biggest danger of domestic abuse is its insidious nature. In most cases, the abusers start small and ramp up the threats and abuse over time. Unless stopped in time, their abusive or threatening behavior can result in the victim’s life-threatening injury or death. 

The victims’ safety remains the number one concern for dealing with spousal abuse cases. In the US, there are dozens of federal and state-funded shelters and resources to help the survivors escape dangerous environments, provide medical and psychological assistance, and support them until they get back on their feet and regain control of their lives.

Dealing with the perpetrators should be left to professionals, as they can be dangerous to themselves and others once their victims are out of reach. Yet prosecution remains challenging, as few victims are ready to file complaints and go through litigation. As a result, while only a fraction of abusers receive legal punishment, the spousal abuse rates will continue to increase, especially during the pandemic lockdowns when partners spend the majority of their time together at home.

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