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The Role of Enterprise Bargaining In the Australian Employment System

From the time of their foundation in the nineteenth century, unions have played an integral role in the improvement of workers. From the working condition to payment to employee relations, the trade unions have played an important role in the impr...
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2017-08-23 14:19:13

A Case Study of Samsung Employees Relations

Samsung is a large corporation with several departments; positive staff relation is an important element in making sure that the company is performing. Population for the case study will be derived from the corporation departments. The major depar...
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2017-08-24 16:50:10

A Case of Hilton Hotel workforce flexibility

The populations targeted are the staff from, finance, procurement, supply chain and human resource in the security departments. The sample population with compost of 200 workers withdrawn from all the departments mentioned in targeted populations....
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2017-08-24 16:53:45

Changes in Job Motivation

Employee motivation is a vital part of any business organization. Managers have to find a convenient way with which to make their employees more committed to their work. Podmoroff (2005) points out that motivation is not something that can be forc...
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2017-08-29 07:49:55

Cover Letter for Academic Advisor

I am an experienced advisor in the academic and business field. My skills have been sharpened during my internship in BJS wholesale club in Westborough where I maintained all daily correspondences with various partners of the institution. During m...
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2017-10-05 10:04:50

Resume Sample

I recently graduated from Missouri State University with my Bachelors of Science, and am currently seeking a productive career path. I have proven to be responsible dedicated person, with excellent communication and management skills. I also have ...
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2017-09-21 06:22:03

Rapid Developments in Automation and Robotics

The automatic image classifier is another AI system that makes it simpler for users to find photos showing specific individuals, specific posts, and places. This AI has been named by various experts as making the most progress in computer vision. ...
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2017-09-21 06:30:55

Demand for the Engineers within Manufacturing and Production

Industrial robots have dramatically increased the scope for the replacement of human labor as compared to the machines of the past because they minimize the need for any human intervention during the automated processes. Some of the typical applic...
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2017-09-21 06:34:54


Employee turnover in organizations has received attention in the recent years from both academic and managers. A lot of emphasizing has focused more on trying to understand the main causes. Implicit in this approach is the speculation that emplo...
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2017-09-21 06:39:15

Immigrants flood the labor market and drive down wages in the U.S.

Despite the efforts by the American government to increase the employment rate, there is evidence that the rate of job growth has reduced. In the recent months, the rate of job growth has increased the employment rate so as to cope with new labor ...
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2017-10-01 20:52:44