Compassion in the Workplace - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-27
Compassion in the Workplace - Essay Sample
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Compassion at the workplace is a situation that involves the employees being willing to suffer and show care and love towards their co-workers to create a positive and conducive working environment for everyone. The existence of compassion at the workstation can create harmony, making a working place ideal for everyone. The organizations that have compassion tend to show a high level of satisfaction among the employees, and their stress levels are low, meaning that they manage to offer quality output.2 Loyalty, employee engagement, and dedication are critical elements that are noted among the workforce.

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Some of the measures that can be undertaken to show compassion include listening to colleagues actively without judging, accepting criticism, and offering opinions that will not hurt others but rather build them. Additionally, it is essential to notice when others are having a tough time in the workplace and offering to help them become comfortable. In this paper, there will be a review of articles that are focussing on communication problems that exist in a firm. The currents institution is having acknowledgement issues among the workers, meaning that the employees are not managing to exchange details easily, and this is leading to a lack of compassion at the workplace. Therefore, at the completion of this paper, there will be an analysis of the measures that can be taken to create a compassionate workplace where the employees can manage to communicate easily and ensure that they are acknowledging their peers.

When focusing on “A cross-sectional examination of factors associated with compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue across healthcare workers in an academic medical centre,” health care workers manage to derive compassion at the workplace by ensuring that they are getting satisfied after meeting their patients’ needs. Their productivity and ability to care for their patients are highly likely to be affected by instances of traumatic stress, compassion fatigue.4 According to the article, there is a shortage of workers globally, and there is a great need to ensure that they have better ways of retaining their employees and ensure that they are managing to post higher levels of satisfaction.

The move will ensure that there is a reduction in compassion fatigue and instances of burnout. Therefore, the process of having compassion at the workplace calls for the need to provide the health care workers time to have an adequate sleep and reduce instances of violence among the employees. Additionally, it is useful to train the workers on the problems that arise from the use of drugs, such as nicotine that triggers traumatic stress and psychological distress that can lead to the lack of compassion at the workplace. The behavioral health problem that can be triggered by the use of alcohol can cause conflicts in the workplace.

There is a need to have environmental modification at the workspace with the incorporation of light supplementation and window access, for this is what will help in creating a conducive working environment. The author notes that there is a need to manage fatigue and handle the workers’ shifts to make sure that every employee has enough time to relax and re-energize for the next work schedule. When the workers are operating optimally, there is a high chance of having a conducive environment that supports compassion. Compassion at the workplace is realized by limiting instances of violence that is triggered by a rising cases of poor quality of life, a raising cases of employee turnover.

Some of the measures that can be taken to tame these issues include training the workers on the way that they are supposed to behave when they are faced with a given problem. The education should be directed towards how they can manage violence. There are some elements of weakness that were noted in this study that include lack of implication of variables which were not implied.

According to Egan et al. (2019), health care organizations should ensure that they are working towards creating a compassionate working place when they are introducing their working policy and offering training to their workforce. 3Creating such an environment is challenging, but the right measures should be undertaken that will ensure that there are peaceful and supportive workplaces. The training process should include the ways that compassion can be realized at the workplace though it is critical to note that compassion is a trait and not an issue that can be taught.

There exist barriers to the provision of a compassionate workplace that include the heavy workloads that the employees are supposed to undertake due to understaffing and lack of time. The authors note that despite compassion being noted as one of the critical elements in the creation of a conducive work environment, it can trigger instances of a reduction in self-care. Based on the idea of compassion, employees may find it challenging to complain about the issues that they are experiencing; they are unlikely to complain about issues of the excessive workload, for they may not want to bother their colleagues.

The minimal time that is available to the health care workers means that they are not in a position to offer the desired level of health care to their patients. The time limits lead the health care workers to indulge in the consumption of fast foods, and this can have detrimental effects on their health. Therefore, there is a great need to introduce a compassionate working environment for health care workers to offer quality services to their patients and ensure that they are observing their health.

Based on the details highlighted in “Cultivating organizational compassion in healthcare,” it can be noted that health care employees are usually showing elements of compassion towards their patients. However, there is a lack of care that is directed towards their colleagues, and this is leading to the creation of a harmful environment. There are rising cases of bullying and negative employee outcomes, and this is triggering situations of burnout and employee turnover.5 Therefore, the process of improving the working process in the health care sectors calls for the need to create a compassionate working environment, for this is what will ensure that the employees’ situation is improved and they are enjoying the working process.

Management in the various health care institutions should work towards adhering to the standards of safety at the workplace, ensuring that they are implementing policies on harassment and bullying processes. The employees are the main stakeholders that are involved in the generation of compassionate measures in a healthcare setting. Therefore, when they are handled in the right way and presented with a platform that they can use to meet the needs of the other players, there is a high chance that the entire health care system will work in the right way, and this a move that will ensure that the employees are compassionate towards each other and the patients that they are serving.

The health care system is a critical element of society, meaning that the individuals are working in this sector are provided with a favorable platform that they can use towards undertaking their duties. The creation of a compassionate workplace is challenging, but the benefits realized from having such a system.

According to the “A brief “quiet ego” workplace intervention to reduce compassion fatigue and improve health in hospital healthcare workers,” the authors have managed to stress the importance of having a compassionate workplace. It is important to note that the nurses are usually faced with high instances of stress due to the work environment that they are managing for they are supposed to provide health care services to the patients, they tend to work for long hours, and they are involved in the making of crucial decisions in a complex environment.6 These are activities that make their work challenging, and there is a great need to ensure that they are provided with measures that will ensure that they have a favorable working environment.

The process of offering compassion to others at the expense of self-care often leads to compassion fatigue, and this is a problem that often affects the health caregivers for they are involved in meeting the needs of their patients and to the extent that they forget themselves. It shows that there is a significant need to introduce compassion at the workplace, for this will ensure that there are no rising cases of distress among the employees, emotional exhaustion, and poor work performance by the health care providers. The successful health care entities work towards creating a compassionate working environment, for this is what benefits both the workers, patients and ensure that there are no employee shortages. It leads to improved patient outcomes through the reduction in the number of occupational hazards and the provision of quality health care services.

According to this article, the measures that have been undertaken with the intent to lower compassion fatigue include raising the self-care skills and management of the stress levels. The programs adopted include mindfulness-based stress reduction measures that help in improving psychological skills. It is clear that managing a health care setting requires a high level of dedication, and this is a move that will ensure that there is the introduction of compassion. The activities taken should ensure that all the stakeholders are leading to a fulfilling life. Physicians should care for their patients and ensure that they are also working towards meeting their needs to ensure that they are focusing on self-care.

According to the “The potential for COVID19 to contribute to compassion fatigue in critical care nurses,” the author notes that it is critical to avoid instances of burnout in the health care setting. 1The author states that some of the challenges that are facing the physicians include working in a complex environment. They are supposed to make tough decisions that tend to drain them, and this means that they are usually under a lot of stress. Therefore, they are supposed to be provided with a compassionate working environment that will ensure that they are managing to tackle different assignments while level-headed.

There are instances that they have to handle angry and violent clients while working towards meeting their duty, and this is an issue that is making them suffer in silence. They need to have an environment that they can manage to express self-care and ensure that they are getting to handle the stressful activities facing them in the desired manner.

The health care environment should be a community that is working towards the realization of the same goals. Therefore, it means that everyone should work as a unit, and this calls for the need to ensure that they are managing to help each other when trouble arises. Based on the details raised in this article, there are several factors that are highly likely to derail the process of creating a compassionate work environment.

Dominant cultural elements that tend to influence the way that employees are behaving are critical issues that can make it challenging to create a conducive working environment. For example, the American society mainly advocates for the element of individuality, meaning that workers are mainly striving towards getting instant gratification and getting ahead, and these are issues that are highly likely to affect the strategies of introducing a compassionate environment adversely. The mental health culture and therapist experience factor are the other elements that affect the process of creating a compassionate work environment.

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