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My techniques and tips to making oneself study

Quit what you`re doing. Yes, I said quit! We all have the tendency to be lazy, procrastinate, and make excuses, but these adjectives do not get us very far when studying for a mid-term or final. Throughout the course of my college career, I have l...
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2017-07-04 11:29:01

Goals of college essays

Throughout high school and college, students are pushed to write essays. Many classes have a specific rubric to follow and many just let the students be free from tedious rubrics and allow the students to portray themselves instead of a rubric. An...
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2017-07-05 14:51:10

Vast difference

According to the media, I`m a dark-skinned male approximately 5`9 in height that currently has warrants out for my arrest. I`ve been arrested several times for possession of controlled substances and armed robbery, not to mention battery and assau...
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2017-07-07 13:49:39

How to become an outstanding student

In my opinion, there are many different methods to be the best. There are different ways to meet success such as listening advice from elders, professors and parents. I will describe the method they used to. Being a good student must have qualit...
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2017-07-07 14:13:52

Being a good student

Being a good student does not mean bringing your professor apples and love letters. A good student starts with a good person that`s motivated and passionate in what they are trying to pursue. Here are a few tips and tricks to becoming a good stude...
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2017-07-10 13:09:43

Educational study methods

The American dream is often said to be attainable. It has been stated throughout history you that if receive a good education, work hard and have determination you can achieve the American dream. However in my few short years, I have learned that ...
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2017-07-12 11:54:07

The most inspiring challenge

Born and raised in Richmond California, where general statistics are, most do not accomplish much because of their circumstances. Whereas I myself graduated from Kennedy High School with a 3.2 and went straight to college. Now attending Alabama, A...
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2017-07-12 12:06:34

Dreams come true

There are many trials and tribulations a person may face in life. Sometimes it may seem like your life has hit rock bottom and you have nowhere to turn. I was once at that point in my life 7 years ago. At the time, I would have never thought I wou...
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2017-07-13 13:42:43

Essay on Leadership

Theodore Roosevelt (an American politician who was the 26th President of the United States, as a man was a great leader and drew distinction between being a leader and a boss.He said that People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The ...
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2017-07-18 09:08:28

Smart Goals Worksheet

You are welcome to use the Smart Goals Worksheet. To support my mission and realize my dream of earning the bachelors, I have set a goal.
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2017-11-21 09:23:01