Understanding Psychological Stress in COVID-19 Patients: Causes, Signs, and Recovery Insights

Published: 2024-01-24
Understanding Psychological Stress in COVID-19 Patients: Causes, Signs, and Recovery Insights
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Within a psychological context, stress refers to a feeling that results in emotional straining. Stress in a given individual can be reflected either positively or negatively—the amount of stress being experienced impacts the person's health significantly (Zhao, 2020). Since stress can have both adverse and positive effects on an individual, taking a case of positive stress, has been established that leads to higher performance (Carlander, 2020).

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With the eve of the COVID-19 pandemic, most people have lost their jobs, contributing significantly to surging depression across the country (Kutrzleben). My research establishes the causes, signs, and symptoms of anxiety and depression in COVID-19 hospitalized patients. The study is beneficial when providing recommendations in research on psychological stress during the COVID-19 pandemic because the investigation's findings will help medical experts understand the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression in these patients and give them appropriate medical care on time (Kutrzleben).

The sources provide insights into the psychological stress that patients of COVID-19 who are over 60 years old undergo recovery and how medical experts can help them overcome the stress. A combination of information from this study and research on the benefits of general trust and proactive coping skills provided me with insights into clear guidelines that psychiatrists should implement when treating COVID-19 patients to overcome post-recovery psychological stress (Kong, 2020).

The source reveals how joblessness is worsening recovery rates among COVID-19 patients (Janiri, 2020). The study is essential in research about psychological stress because it shows the impact of unemployment on a person infected by COVID-19 and the patient's rate of recovery (Kutrzleben, 2020).

Stress can result from worries about something, not having enough work, and maybe having responsibilities that someone finds overwhelming. The case of raised therapies on stress is caused by the loss of jobs, making people more worried because they have responsibilities but no income to settle all their needs (Casselman et al.).

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