Harmony and Conflicts: Integrating Christian Beliefs with Professional Values in Counseling - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-26
Harmony and Conflicts: Integrating Christian Beliefs with Professional Values in Counseling - Essay Sample
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Daniel’s “Counselling Principles and Christian Beliefs” is a text that gives us a review of highlighted six important principles stated in ACA (American Counseling Association) Code of Ethics, and explains how these fundamental principles can Christian theology support and assist in the processes of decision making to Christian Counselors beginners.

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Harmony Between Professional Values and Spiritual Beliefs

I totally agree with the harmony that exists between my values as a professional counselor and the spiritual belief beneath me in the existence of beneficence. I am guided by what the scripture in Proverbs 3:27 that states the true side of professionalism. Relating the two contexts, there is hand in hand companion with what I believe and the core principles that guide the counselor. I have the power to do good even to those who offend me. I shall not give up while administering my duties. As I reflect on Jesus Christ not giving up on our sins, I must offer the best to my clients and make a change in their lives. On the other hand, I have to build the ability for my client to believe in what I counsel. I realize this goes hand in hand with what the writer of Psalm 51 talks about: I don’t have to hurt those who lay their trust in what I can do. I have to uphold their trust they gave me. This is nonmaleficence. The core principles in the ACA code of ethics and what I believe as a Christian is working and relating together.

Integrating Professional Values and Spiritual Beliefs

I found a hard way of thinking to relate the issue with autonomy and what I strongly believe as a Christian in that I should do good and show love to all people. I came to realize that despite upholding beneficence, society can be doing what is against my belief, but it is right and good to the people and society. I came to point out that I should be practice fidelity with veracity and relating to the bible verses to make them the reason for themselves to make a good decision that may lead them to change.

Conflict Between Professional Values and Spiritual Beliefs

Pointing out the difference that violates each side and dealing with people basing on my profession is quite an issue when the other side on what I believe needs to be equalized. There is a contradiction in veracity in such a way that I believe that Jesus is the only way and the truth, and He is the way to eternal life. My inner faith holds that Jesus Christ is the savior of the universe, and He will come to take us home (Heaven). To proclaim that I am the safest person in the world will bring the difference between my professionalism based on the ACA code of ethics and my beliefs on Christianity. I see this as a serious conflict that did not relate well to my professionalism. On the other hand, autonomy is out of what I believe as a Christian in that I have duties to preach the gospel and change lives. I need to show care to my clients and show them the right way as a Christian, but it’s stating that I should leave the client to act on his way of thinking and make decisions of their fate. Thus my faith to preach the gospel of God is restricted in trying to follow my pursue my carrier as a professional counselor. It will be a hectic assignment to my inner faith and my profession

Actions to Work Through the Conflicts

In approaching the conflict, I should make sure that autonomy is harmonized on both sides. I should respect the client’s fate but basing on my Christianity belief and way of living; I must reunite the difference to make them rethink the fidelity to act beneficently for the good coexistence between the internal and external issues. I should address veracity basing on on my personality and professionalism, not standing alone on my Christianity beliefs. After all, the truth about it is on explaining to myself what the two sides mean. When in the field of counseling, I should drive the client’s mind to understand the inner meaning of both sides. In my profession, I will be handling the issues as expected by both sides and making sure that it is peacefully absorbed and understood by the client.


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ACA Code of Ethics- American Counseling Association: Counselling.org 2014https://www.counseling.org/resources/aca-code-of-ethics.pdf

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