Sacred Bonds: A Letter of Love, Commitment, and Spiritual Unity

Published: 2024-01-23
Sacred Bonds: A Letter of Love, Commitment, and Spiritual Unity
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elaI write to you presuming it is well with you! I am doing great and hope you are doing the same. I have to say, the Skype calls we make every night before going to bed are helping. The video calls assure me that indeed, you are the person I want to be settled down with. The Covid restrictions have curtailed our meeting and, it has been hard on me. The job at the hospital has been overwhelming but I believe that all will come to pass and we will meet just as we used to. The essence of my letter is to put you in the know of what I intend with our relationship. I set out to explain in detail the key things that I need you to know about me and our future relationship and, my intentions of being with you.

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To start with, my intentions with our relationship are pure. I believe in spirituality. From the onset of the lockdown, I am assured that being spiritual has played a major role in keeping me alive. At the hospital, we stayed more than 90 days without seeing family. I vented to God to keep our relationship safe as often bad or good habits may creep in. What we share is sacred. I believe since our institution is shared by God, we will live and experience life to full.

My life goals with you will be a happy family and a prayerful family. May we engage God more often in our plans as we live by the day. I expect that, as we live in a union, we should have a spiritual guide. A person who will guide us in our marital life. I hope you will not mind when am too engaged in safeguarding our relationship. My apprehension is that, as I give out my best in my career so should it be in my marriage. The reason why I would be a reliable spouse is that I have been raised in a spiritual family. As a child, I was taught the value of keeping myself pure and preserving my body as the apple of my eye. I emulated my father`s traits and believe I can take care of my spiritual partner, the way he took care of my mother and my siblings.

As you know, our relationship cannot exist or grow without communication. Conflicts are part of any relationship and are bound to rise. In order for us to synch together, we should try to understand each other physically and mentally. In learning how to handle each other, the open communication we share virtually and physically will be our symbol of vitality. Understanding one another is fundamental to marriage such that we can resolve any difference that may arise.

Besides, change is one precondition that we must be willing to accept. There is a concept of constant change. By day we become different people from what we were when we started our relationship. I want you to know that I may change with time due to experiences, problems, and life changes. During these times of change, many things tend to happen and I believe we will be there to witness our true natures unfold. Let us be vocal and strive to find the right balance for our relationship.

My apprehension are fears are limited. Money is one issue that causes struggle in marriage and relationships. I believe that when we are financially stable nothing will hinder us from building our future family. I have bad spending habits but I believe when you come in, I will be able to control my habit. Also, one red flag I fear is materialism. We have our flaws but let us not value money over our relationship. Money comes and goes but I will be here with you forever. Let us nurture our marriage, my love.

Lastly, marital commitment is one sociological factor I intend to uphold. We committed ourselves to getting into a relationship. It has worked out fine. I believe you and I will do whatever it takes to make our marriage work. Divorce is never an option. I am here to stay and will dance with you come rain come sunshine. I have dedicated my time and energy to us and it means a lot to me that I am happy being with you. Let us remain devoted and dedicated to one another to uphold our commitment. Marriage is our lifelong covenant. Let us build our marriage in a foundation of commitment and trust

In Conclusion, I believe the metaphysical truths we share have given you a profound knowledge of the purpose of our sacred union. Our marriage is our story and so we should not let external factors derail us to grow. May we live a meaningful and faithful life before God. Only Christ can sustain our relationship. I vow to keep my word serving God and, staying true to our relationship. May the peace of God be with you and guide you. I love you and miss you so much, take care.


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