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Organizational Communication and Social Media

Organizational Communication and Social Media. Communication via social media involves the use of tools based on the Internet to interact with the audience in a text, voice or graphic form. For an organization to be able to use the social network ...
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2017-07-06 14:59:54

The credibility of information on the Internet

Deciding on the website to choose where to derive information is a matter of testing for the quality of the sources. While so much is on the internet, there is too little to trust given that the information used in research has to be current, cred...
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2017-07-29 12:34:52


Over-provisioning hardly guarantees compliance with many pre-defined QoS parameters, especially since not every router along the path treats time-sensitive applications IP packets as well as best effort applications in a similar manner. Some route...
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2017-08-04 13:58:45

The internet, extensive use of social media and blogging has created complicated moral issues and dilemmas in the current world. The increasing use of technology and social networks has generated various challenges to the legal system.
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2017-08-28 07:31:23

Public Internet for Neighbourhood Communities

The Norfolk City council has installed free public internet access on few places such as in the train station and public library. This year, 2016, the local government ventures to increase the free public internet access by installing free Wi-Fi h...
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2017-09-15 15:30:45

TOR - the Dark Side of the Internet

Due to a rising concern for the internet privacy and anonymity, a group of researchers developed a system of communication that could allow a bi-directional communication over the internet (MacLeod, 2016). In such a communication system, a mid sou...
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2017-09-26 12:51:41

Internet of Things Security

Several reports on the Internet of Things have been documented with the aim of addressing privacy and security issue in recent study. The aim of this research is to point out the need for security and privacy in IoT. The research will look into a...
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2017-10-09 09:46:03

Disadvantages of Taking Online Classes

There are several disadvantages of taking online classes. Some of the incentives are more effective on some specific targets. For example, users that aim to master new skills in order to find new jobs are more motivated when they know that the ski...
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2017-10-10 10:15:05

Online Education Pros and Cons

Coursera was founded in April 2012 by Ng and Koller who maintained their position at Stanford University in order to start their company. By the seventh month of 2013, the company had managed to raise over $22 million from venture capitalist firms...
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2017-10-10 10:24:16

Effects of Rewards in Reading Incentives

Based on the research by Brynn Beavers on the effects of rewards in reading incentive programs on student motivation and participation among middle school children, one learns that even adults need to be motivated. MOOCs participant have to be mot...
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2017-10-10 10:26:27