Free Essay on Gallup's Strengthsfinder Assessment Results: Top Five Identified Themes

Published: 2023-12-03
Free Essay on Gallup's Strengthsfinder Assessment Results: Top Five Identified Themes
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Includer-Contrast to individuals who are drawn to exclusive groups only, I tend to avoid these groups actively since they exclude others (Strozier, 2020). I focus on expanding my small groups so that as many people as possible can benefit from its support.

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Achiever have achieved and work towards attaining my objectives in any activity I take part in.

Learner enjoy and love learning, and regardless of the subject, I am always drawn to the process of learning. I am thrilled by a few facts including the early efforts of reciting and practicing what I have learned.

Intellection value thinking and enjoy the mental activity. I enjoy exercising the muscles of my brain and stretch them in various directions. I am the kind of individual who enjoys time alone to think. Usually, I might ask myself some questions and answer them just to see how I sound.

Consistency- For me, balance is very important. I view myself as a guardian who believes that individuals function better in a consistent environment where rules are clear and are applied equally. I create an environment where people can know expectations.

Challenges Faced and Using My Top Two Strengths

I discovered two of my top strengths to be consistent and an achiever. I recognize the need to treat other people the same I would want to be treated and avoid selfishness and individualism. I also value the achievement of set goals. one of the challenges I experienced as a scholar was that of choosing the right topic especially since it functions as the foundation on which everything else rests (Wasserman & Kram, 2009). I could not move forward without understanding the fundamental focus of my topic. The whole procedure of ensuring a precise, effective and reliable topic required consistency in following the steps that included; developing a double topic to determine available resources, reading everything I had on the topic, all the way down to the fine-tuning of my topic based on the input of others (Strozier, 2020). by being consistent, I have been able to achieve most of my scholarly objectives.

Using This Understanding to Add Value to My Role as A Scholar-Practitioner

As a scholar-practitioner, identifying my strengths and behaviors will enable me to be more equipped at empowering myself in maximizing my infinite potentials. Learning about me themes makes me realize that other than getting confused about where to start from during studies, I can focus on the strengths that I have including consistency, achieving, including others, and being always ready to learn.

What I Will Do Differently Tomorrow as A Result of This Report

I intend to be less ignorant ad more competent. my learning capabilities will ensure that in the future, I can thrive in dynamic work environments where I will be able to take on short projects and assignments and I will get exposed to the learning of new subject matters in short periods, as compared to the long times I previously took in research. Previously, I conducted research will a lot of interruptions and pauses. I intend to be more consistent and reliable in future researches.

Personal Goals and Vision as A Public Health or Health Education Professional

As a public health professional, my goals are to provide leadership and support for community-based participatory research, mostly in underserved areas. To develop and create partnerships with social and health agencies to more usefully address the health issues, needs, and concerns of our societies (Wolfe, 2020). I aspire to be able to respond more effectively and efficiently to the funding opportunities for research and project demonstrations that enhance opportunities for each person to attain optimal health. My final goal is the scientific implementation and development of sound evaluation protocols for distinct health programs to enhance the delivery of programs and better document and impact the health of individuals.


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