Reapplication for DPT School - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2023-11-24
Reapplication for DPT School - Free Paper Sample
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Attaining Masters’ qualification is as much a personal challenge as it is a desire to contribute to the greater good of society around me. The basis of my desire to pursue higher education vests on sociological imagination. I believe that being a qualified Doctor of Physical Therapy will significantly benefit society as well be a great personal honor, and I would be glad to achieve this fete at your esteemed institution.

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I have a burning desire to advance my academic qualifications. This dream has been most significant to my personal life choices and efforts to pursue post-graduate studies. I remain persistent in my studies, as do most graduate students, and managed to accomplish this challenge despite the difficulty associated with it. Managing to complete graduate studies in itself is an act of resilience and perseverance. The greatest motivation is that one is going towards an educational goal.

Good Student

I believe that a good student is teachable, moldable, and asks the right questions as well as listens to teachers’ instructions and is also hardworking. I portray all of these qualities, and in addition to other skills, I have I presume myself to be an excellent candidate to study Doctor of Physical Therapy. With these attributes, I believe I will be able to thrive in my chosen profession.

The first attempt at applying for a Masters class was not successful. However, I am confident that this present application will be a success. The premise of this submission is vested on the fact that I have undertaken various courses to boost my GPA. At the moment, my overall GPA is 3.0. Also, to better acquaint myself with the academic workload, I began working on a Masters degree. I have also volunteered at different physical therapy clinics as a measure of serving the community around me. That being not enough, I am currently shadowing four physical therapists via an internship program.


Serving the community is my most excellent motivator to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy academic award. I have served as a volunteer at a mental health clinic, and I feel that continuing my education will enable me to serve them better. I desire to make real differences in people’s lives, and the best, easiest, and quickest way to achieve this is by adequately preparing myself. Education is my way of getting ready to serve society, and this program will facilitate a great deal towards achieving this goal.

Due to my outstanding work ethics and practical skills in matters of physical health, I was offered a position at the mental health clinic. Here I work with a variety of people whom I help deal with mental health issues. I help them have better quality social lives. This service is the most significant source of my motivation to attain higher education because, with more knowledge and skills, I can offer more to my people and the world at large.


Being a Doctor of Philosophy is a reputable academic qualification. The short courses grilled me to up my academic stance, and the ensuing Masters class also sharpens my grasp of the academic content expected in the doctorates class. In pursuit of this goal, I believe I will be able to positively impact people’s lives in a much better way than I presently uphold. I believe the academic qualifications I hold and the various volunteering activities I have done are a good platform to enable me to serve society better. As I complete my submission to study Doctor of Physical Therapy, I appreciate the time and effort to review my application. I am hopeful I will be considered in positive regard as I have a genuine desire to upgrade my academic standing, as well as better serve the community.

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