Essay Example - The Roles of Planning and Management in A Company

Published: 2023-11-14
Essay Example - The Roles of Planning and Management in A Company
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Tyson Foods is a multinational corporation based in Arkansas City that is the leading marketer and processor of pork, beef, and chicken. The company's mission is to produce and market quality products of food that fit the changing lifestyles and attract, retain, and reward the best personnel in the food industry. There are four management functions at Tyson Foods that include planning, leading, organizing, and controlling. The functions complement one another in creating, executing, and realizing the company's mission and vision.

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At a planning stage, managers create organizational goals and actions geared towards achieving while the second stage of organizing involves distributing resources and delegating tasks among qualified staff. The planning stage involves the management and top decision-making organs to set a strong foundation for achieving the goal. The next stage is leading, which requires strong personalities to manage, motivate, direct, and influence the team towards a common purpose. At the organizing stage, resources are assembled that will help in running the project. The activities at this stage move the project close to realization. All departmental heads are assembled around the table to brainstorm and give suggestions on the requirements to make the project a success.

The last stage is controlling, which involves keeping a monitoring sheet and evaluating all activities and the progress made towards achieving the set goals. The four management functions are interlinked that begins with the creation of organizational goals, delegating tasks, setting up a team to perform the tasks, and finally, evaluating the tasks to ensure they run to completion.

Tyson Foods' strategic goal is to feed the world through the fast-growing brands of protein sustainably. The company embraces integrity in ensuring that all products delivered to customers and consumers offer superior value. By ensuring a friendly environment, Tyson Foods maintains a safe working environment for employees and embraces creativity that ensures they get better with each passing day. The mandate of effectively managing of the strategic plan will executed by the company’s human resource manager aided by the board of directors of the company where they will work as a team. The ultimate goal of their work is to ensure the plans are followed to ensure the achievement of the strategic goal.

The measurement of achievement of the strategic goal can be evaluated by examining any increase in the consumption of the fast-foods and drastic decline in customer complains on the product.


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