Hiring Interview - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-11-30
Hiring Interview - Free Essay Example
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An interview is a structured conversation where one party, the interviewer, asks another party, the interviewee, a series of questions. The goal of the interview is to gauge the suitability of the interviewee for the position they applied for. Various issues come into play during an interview; contributing towards the hiring decision. First, are the contents of the applicant's Curriculum Vitae; which give an overview of the applicant. Using the curriculum vitae details, the interviewer gets a brief overview of the applicant's suitability. Furthermore, there is a description of the position; which guides the choice of the most suitable applicant for the job (Yate, 2008). Factors like an applicant's experience, personality and other skills are all gauges during the interview. All details that cannot be sufficiently described by the curriculum vitae are discovered during the interviewing session. In this case, the interviewee is applied for the position of Operations executive, marketing in the organization. Therefore, there will be a detail of the interview that will be conducted to make a hiring decision.

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Important Aspects of Candidate Evaluation

During the evaluation of the candidate, various competencies are gauged to determine the suitability of the applicant. In this case, the capability of the applicant will be based on the match established with the hiring criteria. When a candidate perfectly matches the requirements, then they are considered as the best fit for the position, and a hiring decision is made (Newcomer et al., 2015). That forms the basis of the interview.

Applicant's Curriculum Vitae

The applicant's curriculum vitae provided an overview of the education, experience and skills of the individual. By looking at the curriculum vitae, the interviewer gets a rough idea about the capability, experience and suitability of the applicant. In the case of the position of Operations executive, marketing, there are specific issues that are sought. First is the level of education that the applicant has attained. The applicant should have at least a university degree to be considered for the position. The degree should have provided a relevant foundation for the applicant in the marketing field. Furthermore, there is an added advantage in terms of professional qualifications. When an applicant has a professional capability, they have the upper hand over others that do not. The professional qualification is evidence that the individual has a deeper understanding of the dynamics in the marketing field. Furthermore, the curriculum Vitae is used to gauge the skills an interviewee has. For the position of Operations executive, marketing, the individual should have excellent spreadsheet skills, good in analytics, great communication skills and ability to understand consumer needs (Ardley, 2005). For experience, the individual should have at least two years' experience in either a mid-level or senior position in the same role. That will be obtained from looking at the curriculum vitae (Lamb, 1984). There may be other relevant details from the curriculum vitae, but the ones highlighted above are the most important.

Position Description

A position description is a highlight of the activities or responsibilities that the applicant will be tasked with when they get the job. For the position of Operations executive, marketing, there are various aspects of the position description.

  • -Collaborating with senior managers in analyzing ad choosing key marketing priorities for the organization.
  • -Forecast marketing requirements that the organization will need in the short and long term operations.
  • -Capacity analysis; where the resources required for marketing will be estimated with precision to aid in everyday operations.
  • -Identification of resources that will be required to implement internal and external form strategies.
  • -Market analysis; where the buyer behavior will be analyzed and decisions on how to satisfy them made.
  • -Delegation of duties in their department and supervision of staff; including training and developing them along with organizational interests.

During the interview, the interviewer will inquire about the ability of the interviewee to deliver the above specifications. The quality and precision of the answers given will reflect the readiness of the individual to serve in the role. The candidate that has the best solutions and demonstrations will be best suited for the job in the organization.

Developments in Previous Positions

The position of Operations executive, marketing calls for a creative individual in an organization. The creativity will be used in rolling out the best strategies to enable the organization to market its commodities effectively. Understanding the product is essential in succeeding in the position. Therefore, during the interview, the interviewee will be asked about the achievements they made in a similar job before. The developments will be a reflection of the quality the individual is capable of bringing into the organization when hired. For example, if they were in charge of product development and marketing, that was a significant success in a competitive environment that shows they are useful in the role. However, if they did not have much success previously, then their skills and expertise will be considered to make them suitable candidates. During the interview, the previous developments will need to be illustrated well by the interviewee to enable them to be considered for the role.

Questions on How the Applicant Will Contribute To the Success

One of the vital determinants of the hiring decision by an organization is based on the difference the applicant will make to the organization. Under this section, the applicant will be asked a series of questions to gauge the quality of their strategies in enabling the organization to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Some of the questions will be;

  • -How will you help the organization become a market leader?
  • -What contingency plans do you have that will be of help to the organization?
  • -What are the most significant source of motivation as you will be serving in the organization; customers or management preferences?
  • -Are you ready to disrupt the organizational culture effectively to achieve better results?

The hiring decision will be based on how effectively the interviewee answers the questions.


An interview is meant to judge the suitability of an individual for a specific role that they applied for. The interviewer uses information from the conversation and the overview from the curriculum vitae to make a hiring decision.


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